Woodman's Pal Long Reach Machete with Wood Handle & Cordura Sheath, Made in USA

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The machete is one of the world's handiest blades. A cross between a knife and an ax, it can be used for everything from cutting and maintaining trails to chopping wood. If you happen to run into trouble in the great outdoors, you can even use a machete to defend yourself against a wild animal or a venomous snake.

This iteration of the Woodman's Pal machete features a long reach design that offers better balance and control when slashing through heavy vegetation and brush.

Weighing in at 15 ounces, with a total length of 22 inches, the Woodman's Pal is one of the most reliable machetes on the market. Its blade, which is made of high carbon steel, boasts a unique sickle hook that tears through tough vines and briars.

The 11-inch hardwood ash handle is durable enough to subsist in different environments and long enough to give better leverage when wielding the machete.

The machete comes with a Cordura sheath.

Model Number: 145-N
Catalog Number: 39680
Blade Length 10 inches
Blade Material Stainless Steel (high carbon)
Sheath Material Cordura
Blade Edge Plain
Point Blunt tip
Handle Material Wood
Total Length 22 inches
Blade Color Black
Sheath Included Yes
Pocket Clip Included No
Knife Type Fixed Blade
Knife Weight 14 ounces
Handle Color Brown/Tan
Country of Origin USA
Machete Type Weighted
Woodman's Pal Logo
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The Woodman's Pal machete is designed to trim, prune, chop, split, blaze trails, brush out lines, clear campsites, chop firewood, split kindling, build hunting blinds or lean-to-shelters. The multipurpose Woodman's Pal machete can efficiently perform the tasks of many tools including machetes, axes, hatchets, pruning saws, pruning shears, pruning knives, bow saws, loppers, Bowie knives and for certain jobs, even chain saws.

Woodman's Pal machetes are handcrafted in Pennsylvania with all American made raw materials. Unsurpassed quality since 1941.

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating:
By Ed M. from Lindenhurst, IL
February 1, 2011

Well made and beautiful. It takes some practice to get the proper swing. When you get it, it's like a knife through butter. This knife is more about technique than brute force.

By Chris W. from Usa
April 25, 2010

Cuts through saplings like butter , unlike some of the cheap ones that bend and vibrate in your hand while using it.

By Jay C. from Oklahoma
January 23, 2009

I bought it for my father to use on his ranch, and he loves it! It really slices through the brush.

By Sally L. from Melbourne Beach, FL
January 16, 2009

It was a gift for my son-in-law. He knew exactly what he wanted and loves it!

By Mary K. from Oregon City, OR
November 3, 2008

I purchased this as a gift for a friend to replace a similar one he had lost. He was so taken with it, he and a couple employees spent the first couple of hours of the work day 'playing' with it! He is a knife collector and appreciated the quality and the fact it was made in the USA. The Woodsman's Pal has that great hook on the back side of the blade. I looked everywhere for one and could not find another with that hooked blade. Both the straight part of the machete and the hook can be sharpened. This was it. Great quality of steel, balance, and overall good feel in the hand. Your price was considerably less than the manufacturer's site, and the sheath was an added bonus. Thanks!

By Whitney H. from Montreal, Quebec
August 16, 2008

I love the long handle! I like to sharpen more of the hook blade part.

By Chuck C. from Crabb, TX
July 31, 2008

It is a great machete!

By Mike E. from Sabetha, KS
January 14, 2008

A perfect Christmas gift for my wife. It is what she asked for, and she is delighted. The weight is perfect for her small frame. She will use this machete over and over, and I am certain that she will wear it out long before it does.

By Richard G. from Blueballs, PA
October 6, 2007

This is a very fine machete!

By Keith G. from Cheraw, SC
April 2, 2007

It is a well built quality- excellent!

By Carol D. from Gulf Coast, MS
January 8, 2007

The Woodsman's Pal arrived quickly and was just as advertised. We haven't had it long enough to attest to longevity, but it appears well made and so far has done an excellent job of whacking through underbrush and vines.

By John B. from Abingdon, VA
September 4, 2006

The Knife/machete is great!

By Howard A. H. from Kulpsville, PA
August 14, 2006

The machete is exactly what I needed to keep our bridal trails clear. The length is great to clear roses and poison ivy and yet I can chop 2" branches with it. I've recommended several to friends.

By Michael Y. from Clarksville, AR
March 16, 2006

Have bought three of them all differant styles and like them all!

By Josh S. from Astoria, OR
August 4, 2015

I purchased the Woodsman's Pal about a month ago and I have used it about 8 hours or so around my property. Its a pretty good machete. At first I honestly didn't think to highly of it, it seemed a bit awkward at first but over time it has grown on me and I find it being a go to choice for clearing areas of lighter brush, light grubbing sorts of work, and ranging through brushy areas. It comes sharp enough to use out of the box but can still be made sharper. It seems well made and solid, the blade is flexible and seems pretty strong. I wasn't sure about the hook on the back side, but it has proven to be very useful. I bought this machete as part of an arsenal for clearing English ivy overtaking a forested area of my property, and the hook has been an excellent tool for ripping and cutting the vines running along the forest floor and cutting smaller vines going up trees. As a general machete for clearing trails or areas of brush it functions fairly well. It clears areas at the ground level well and seems like it would be a great tool for clearing campsites in the bush. Its okay at hacking big vines or springy branches, but it lacks enough heft to really be great. Its mediocre at wood chopping tasks and is a poor substitute for a good hatchet, the curve of the blade and the blunt blade end can make it difficult to get a good hit on any larger round wood. I don't really like the blunt section at the end of the blade. Although its part of what makes it good at clearing out areas to ground level, it causes a lot of missed hits when cutting through thicker brush and vines, and it can be really jarring when a hard strike at wood smacks the blunt area instead of the blade. Overall I think its a good tool, it seems well made, functions well, its light and easy to carry and the hook is actually really useful. I use it a lot and have been very pleased with it.

By Richard K. from Allen Park, MI
November 19, 2008

It is a very handy tool when exploring our 80 acres of overgrown, otherwise vacant,land in northern Michigan. Thick weed growth is no problem for the Woodsman's Pal. The sheath makes it easy to carry and gives quick access.

By Robert A. from Charleston, WV
September 13, 2008

This is a nice product overall! There are some rough edges on the blade but solid fit and finish in general. Practically speaking, it does exactly what the description says it does. This made short work of zebra grass and shrubs in the backyard; waiting for the fall camping trip to really give it a workout.

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