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Rated "best overall" in Cooks Illustrated Magazine 2004, the Victorinox 8" Multi-purpose chef's knife is designed for professional-grade chopping, mincing, slicing, and dicing. Made from high-carbon stainless steel, its blade holds an edge superbly well, and is conical ground lengthwise and crosswise to cut down on resistance while cutting. Its edge is also laser-tested to ensure optimum cutting power before being shipped. Its patented 2" Fibrox handle is textured for a secure grip and is ergonomically-designed for easy, intuitive use. Comes with a lifetime warranty. If you're looking for a lightweight, functional, and all-around excellent standard-issue chef's knife, look no further. NSF-certified.


• Blade Length: 8"

• Blade Tip: Pointed

• Edge Type: Straight Edge

• Handle Material: Nylon

• Knife Style: Chef's Knife

• Metal Type: High Carbon Stainless Steel

• Steel Shaping Method: Stamped

Brand: Victorinox
Model Number: 40520
Catalog Number: 433746
Blade Length 8.0 inches
Blade Material Stainless Steel (high carbon)
Blade Edge Plain
Point Drop Point
Handle Material Fibrox
Blade Color Silver/Gray
Knife Weight 8 ounces
Handle Color Black
Victorinox Logo
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VICTORINOX warrants its products to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the entire life of the knife. This warranty does not cover abuse, misuse or normal wear and tear.

Video of the engraving process

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Logo Engraving
engraved silver knife example
Text Engraving (Silver Blade)
engraved black knife example
Text Engraving (Black Blade)

Customer Reviews

Average Rating:
By Steve F. from Willis, Texas
March 19, 2018

This is an excellent knife that was engraved and given as an award. It was perfect for the use.

By Brian B. from Petersburg, PA
June 25, 2009

This knife is the perfect size for me. I use it for almost everything but boning chicken where I use a smaller blade. The Forschner 40520 blade is taller than most at the heel with a curve that allows rocking for dicing and slicing that I prefer. The handle has been improved to be even more slip-resistant than the earlier model - and the slight hook at the end of the handle is useful for controlling the blade when cutting things like melons or separating pork loin or beef roasts. The Bolster isn't over sized and thick at the heel. The heel of the blade is sharp (and can be made more so with sharpening in time) - something I require because I use it to eye potatoes. This knife holds a good edge after sharpening and touches up quickly with a steel between sharpening. It will cut through a tomato simply with its own weight (and it's a light-weight knife) - and is easily used/controlled when peeling tomatoes. All-in-all, this is the best 8" chef's knife I have ever used. It doesn't stain, can be washed in the dishwasher; and I replaced my Sabtier with it many years ago. I bought this knife mainly because I know my first Forschner 40520 may someday (most likely many years down the road) need to be replaced - and I couldn't take the chance of not being able to find another.

By Peter V. from Boston, MA
January 30, 2009

It is very well balanced, very sharp, and comfortable for use by persons with large or smaller hands!

By Albert I. from Miami, FL
December 9, 2008

This is an excellent knife ! You need to be careful you don't shave off a finger :-)

By Judith F. from Marblehead, MA
June 20, 2008

This is an excellent product! It met my expectations!

By Judy D. from Ottawa, ON
May 20, 2008

I bought the knife because it was well reviewed in Cook's Illustrated. They're right. It's an excellent knife.

By Mark J. from St. Louis, MO
April 29, 2008

This is a much better knife than the description talks about. It is very sharp, easy to manage and the handle will not slip in your hand, even when wet.

By Terry F. from London, Ontario
April 12, 2008

This knife is a joy to own. It performs exceptionally. A true value for the cost.

By Alma L. from Texas
March 16, 2008

I purchased this knife after reading an article in Cooks Illustrated magazine. It was highly rated and justly so. It is a comfortable knife to use for everyday chopping and slicing. I really like the non-slip handle.

By Alicia K. from New Orleans, LA
March 14, 2008

I love this knife and use it everyday! Be careful it is very sharp.

By Antonio E. from Los Angeles, CA
March 4, 2008

This chef's knife has a great balance and a comfortable handle. It is always sharp and ready to use. It continues to cut my cooking time the more I use it.

By Sarah S. from Chicago, IL
February 22, 2008

This is a great knife! I had first heard about this product on America's Test Kitchen--the PBS cooking show and true to their word it is a fabulous knife that makes cooking and chopping vegetables truly a pleasure. I highly recommend this knife to someone who is looking for an inexpensive chef's knife in order to improve their kitchen skills.

By Elizabeth S. from Boston, MA
January 31, 2008

This is the best knife I have ever used.

By Jan H. from Brenham, TX
December 19, 2007

This is a great knife! I have purchased two more for gifts.

By Marcia S. from Belgrade, ME
December 8, 2007

I have never had a better knife- it is razor blade sharp and stays that way and is very comfortable in ones hand- Marcia S

By David K. from Fairfax, VA
October 5, 2007

This is a great knife! I bought this based on the review by Cooks Illustrated, and they were right on. The knife was sharp right out of the box, the handle was very comfortable and the shape made chopping very easy.

By Becky W. from Cleveland, OH
October 1, 2007

This is a great price and an even greater knife. It maintains sharpness!!!

By Elizabeth N. from Akron, OH
August 27, 2007

It has excellent precision and excellent sharpness. Don't let the price fool you---this is a top-grade knife!

By Jennifer S. from Chicago, IL
June 21, 2007

Simply put, you will NOT find a better knife at this price. I find I'm using it more and more, even over my more expensive knives. It is very sharp, handles very well, and great for general cooking needs. You'll miss out on a great deal if you don't get one for your kitchen.

By Scott C. from Cupertino, CA
June 16, 2007

I saw an article that rated this as the best knife and so far, I would have to agree!

By Peter J. from Woodbury, MN
June 16, 2007

This is a terrific product, and a great deal better than compared to the "name" brands which cost a lot more.

By Frank W. from Portsmouth, VA
June 8, 2007

This is a fabulous knife, including the price. I've used more expensive knives, but never a better one. The balance is exceptional!

By Mark M. from Palm Beach, FL
June 5, 2007

I purchased one of these as part of a gift basket I made up for Mothers day and my Mom loved it! She says it is her favorite knife! I bought another for my sister and one for myself and a few other sizes in the set for myself. They are great knives: not to heavy, balanced just right and very sharp! Dishwasher safe too!

By David S. from San Antonio, TX
May 24, 2007

This is the sharpest knife I have ever owned. It has a great handle and feel!

By April S. from California
May 18, 2007

I am very happy with this knife. It is light weight yet solid and comfortable to handle.

By Clay C. from Austin, TX
May 14, 2007

It cuts like a dream!

By Peter H. from Fairfield, NJ
May 12, 2007

This feels great and works like a charm!

By Bob L. from New York, NY
May 4, 2007

This is an awesome knife. It is the only real knife I have owned so mine may not be the best opinion. I bought it because of the cooks illustrated review. It is very sharp.

By Deborah B. from Norman, OK
May 3, 2007

It handles well, well balanced, and cuts beautifully.

By Peter W. from Vancouver, Canada
April 28, 2007

This knife is awesome. It is extremely sharp and very sturdy. My mom tried it and wants one now.

By Mimi R. from Clearwater, FL
April 24, 2007

I purchased this knife for use in a fifth wheel trailer. Space is an issue in a fith wheel, so many items have to handle extra duty. This knife is great for many uses. I highly recommend it.

By Cameron G. from Sacramento, CA
April 23, 2007

This is the best chef's knife I have ever used. This is better than my other knife that cost more than $200!

By Patty S. from Redmond, WA
April 9, 2007

I like the knife a lot. It feels good in the hand, and best of all it has a thin blade. It is excellent for slicing vegetables.

By Debbie R. from Catskill Mountains
April 4, 2007

This was recommended to me by the chef at the hotel I work in...and he was so right! This is definitely the BEST knife for the money! I have stopped using all my other knives since I got this one....a must have for any person that likes to cook!

By Kim P. from Colorado
March 29, 2007

Cook's Illustrated rates this as the best knife for the price, and I believe them. The knife is very sharp and easy to handle. I sent one to my son, who is as impressed as I have been with mine. Cook's Illustrated says that a thinner blade makes this easier to use than others with a sharp edge but very thick blade.

By Debbie B. from Seminole, FL
March 25, 2007

I love this knife! It is very sharp, and comfortable to use.

By Alan K. from Huntington,NY
March 20, 2007

This is a very good knife. It really maintains a sharp edge. I can see why restaurants choose these. The haandle is nice and fits my hands very comfortably.

By Paul C. from Annandle, VA
March 20, 2007

This knife has made cutting and chopping vegetables a breeze. My wife and I both use it and love it. Anyone looking for a good chefs knife should buy this one. Also good delivery service!

By John D. from San Diego, CA
March 19, 2007

The Victorinox knife is a delight. It replaces a Chicago Cutlery knife that required constant sharpening.

By Bobby K. from Atlanta, GA
March 19, 2007

This is a great knife! I was very impressed with the quality. I was even more amazed by the incredibly low price. Two thumbs way up on this one.

By Charles B. from Morgantown, WV
March 19, 2007

This knife is SO sharp. It chops onions wonderfully and I was able to easily cut through the tough skin of a pineapple. I've had it for 3 months and just resharpened it so that the next time I cut through the pineapple it will again be like cutting through butter.

By Joy W. from Chester County, PA
March 19, 2007

This is a wonderful chef's knife! Light, well-balanced, and razor sharp. Finally, I can really chop parsley and mince garlic & onions. I bought the knife because America's Test Kitchen gave it a "Best Buy". I'm delighted with my choice. Now, if it lasts for 5 years or more, I'll be a supremely happy cook!

By Olan B. from Ann Arbor, MI
March 18, 2007

Great knife and delivery was timely.

By Carl R. from Kansas City, MO
March 17, 2007

We ordered the 8" Victorinox chef's knife, Black Fibrox. The knife arrived as promised and I love the way it feels secure in my hand. This knife has a very good and stable handle. And I finally have a very sharp knife!

By Herman U. from Corinth, NY
March 16, 2007

This is the best knife we own.

By Marshall L. from Durham, NC
March 15, 2007

I'm delighted with the knife. Everything said in the review from Cooks Illustrated is completely accurate. I'll be buying more for gifts!

By Joanna R. from Fort Lauderdale, FL
March 13, 2007

I saw this knife recommended in Cook's Illustrated - my kitchen 'bible'. Despite a rack of expensive European knives, I decided to try it. I have since bought another one for our office kitchen. What a great knife! It is incredibly sharp, and incredibly well-balanced, and so comfy in my hand. I'm more than satisfied.

By Diane P. from Warner Robins, GA
March 10, 2007

I never use any other knife now. I had it for a few months now. I love the weight and the feel in my hands. I need to get another one for the downtime in the dishwasher.

By Doug U. from Santa Cruz, CA
February 27, 2007

The knife is sharp and well balanced. I had some doubts about the Fibrox handle including whether it would reduce the knife's heft. It actually seems substantial and is non-slip. For the price the rating would be 10 stars.

By Donna D. from Alexandria, VA
February 21, 2007

On the recommendation of America's Test Kitchen and the other reviews I read for the Victorinox chef's knife, I ordered the knife to give as a gift at Christmas. The first report from the recipient is that he likes the knife. I would definitely purchase this knife for myself and was very happy with your site. The knife arrived quickly and sending the blade protector after my complaint made me a very satisfied customer.

By Chris K. from Pittsburgh, PA
February 19, 2007

This got a great review from 'Chef's Illustrated', so I bought it for the chef in my life. She loves it, and says it's sharper and easier to use than her Henkels.

By Tom G. from Falls Church, VA
February 17, 2007

I love it! It is very sharp, handles well, and light. It is an excellent buy!

By Karin B. from Atlanta, GA
February 17, 2007

For trying to learn to prep like a chef this is a great tool. It is easy to handle and makes it a breeze cutting my ingredients.

By Joshua S. from Silver Spring, MD
February 16, 2007

Easy to order and received no problems. I like the knife.

By Gerald B. from Chicago
February 16, 2007

I got it for my sister for Christmas. She seems to love it.

By Abe G. from Davis, CA
February 15, 2007

I read about this knife last year through the Cook's Illustrated website, where it not only won the title of best economy chef's knife (or something like that), but it also was the mainstay throughout the test kitchen. I'm only 21 (20 when I first got one), and am pretty new to cooking, but the thing really is amazing. Don't know what else to say, but it really is the best thing out there, even if you were to pay $100 more for something else, this would still be the better knife.

By Mike M. from Columbus, OH
February 13, 2007

The blade, while ultra-light, the handle fits comfortably in the hand. All the reviews picking this knife as superb were correct on all fronts.

By Paul F. from Corvallis, OR
February 11, 2007

This is a terrific kitchen knife. It has become the main knife for preparing food.

By Jan H. from Brenham, TX
February 11, 2007

I bought the knife because it was recommended by America's Test Kitchen. It was so fabulous that I bought more as gifts.

By Jason B. from Phoenix, AZ
February 1, 2007

This item was rated tops in Cook Illustrated and speaking as a casual weekend chef I have to say that you will notice the difference with this knife. It cuts through everything as though it were butter. You don't have to exert a lot of force yet it slices through even the toughest of objects with ease. I was blown away by this knife.

By Jeff H. from Schererville, IN
January 31, 2007

This is the best knife I ever used!! It makes you look forward to cutting up all those veggies.

By Ruth O. from Chapel Hill, NC
January 24, 2007

The 8" is fits my hand and it chops really well. I haven't had it long enough for it to be resharpened, but it holds an edge well.

By Jenny H. from Oregon
January 21, 2007

This knife is very sharp and works great!

By Marie L. from Hawthorne, NJ
January 16, 2007

It's a fantastic knife, especially at this low price.

By Jerry B. from Titonka, LA
January 15, 2007

I read a review of this knife in a cooking magazine and it is everything they said it is. It is very sharp, holds an edge, and great balance to use. The price can't be beat.

By John G. from Bay Village, OH
January 13, 2007

They were given as gifts to 2 people at Christmas. They had requested them and are very pleased with them.

By Charlie H. from Vancouver, WA
January 12, 2007

It has a nice balance, sturdy blade,and cuts great. I couldn't be happier.

By Jimmy S. from Boise, ID
January 9, 2007

This a very sharp knife. It is the best knife I have ever used.

By C B. from Los Angeles, CA
January 7, 2007

I really like this knife. It's light but very sharp. Highly recommended!

By William H. from Southbury, CT
January 5, 2007

My wife loves this knife she says it is the best she has ever used!

By Lauren B. from West Virginia
January 2, 2007

This knife was recommended by America's Test Kitchen, the publishers of Cook's Illustrated magazine. It is definitely the best chef's knife I've ever owned, and the price is very affordable.

By Deb R. from Stamford, CT
January 2, 2007

Yo guys are the best!!! If I could give you 10+ stars I would. You really came through on the victorinox chef's knife so that I would have my brothers gift for Christmas. Thanks

By Liz J. from Minneapolis, MN
December 30, 2006

It's a great knife, very sharp, comfortable to hold and well balanced. We are very pleased with this knife!

By Joann H. from Los Angeles, CA
December 30, 2006

These are great knives. They are not only very comfortable to the hand, but retain their sharpness much longer than other knives I've tried.

By Christiane A. from Stanford, CA
December 26, 2006

It is perfect and as advertised. I will soon order another.

By Nick D. from Rochester, NY
December 9, 2006

Fabulous! It's a winner! This is the best knife I have ever owned. I have other knives, but the Victorinox is by far the best balanced, sharpest, and most comfortable knife I have used. I liked this one so much, I have purchased 4 other Victorinox Fibrox knives and have not been disappointed.

By Brian M. from Dayton, OH
December 9, 2006

This is a great knife all around. It stays sharp and easy to use.

By Donna G. from Tully, NY
December 8, 2006

The Victorinox chef's knife that I recently purchased is very comfortable to hold and lightweight. It does a fine job on the usual chef's knife duties -- chopping, dicing and slicing. It's very sharp (I LOVE that) and has become my favorite knife in the knife drawer!

By Sharon J. from Detroit, MI
December 8, 2006

I bought this for my daughter and she loves it! Great product!

By Vicki J. from Walla Walla, WA
November 26, 2006

I love the knife!

By Julie P. from Rochester, NY
November 26, 2006

The knife is well balanced, has an incredible blade, and is a joy to use. I've used it primarily for chopping vegetables, and I use the blade flat to pick up the chopped food to place in the pot or bowl. I really like this knife and find it cuts better than some other high priced knifes I have.

By Scott C. from Shreve, OH
November 25, 2006

I've been very happy with it. I would recommend this knife to someone who wants a good knife at a reasonable price.

By Carol N. from Burnt Hills, NY
November 23, 2006

I am a chef in a retirement community. I was referred to Victorinox knives years ago by a Sous Chef in the hotel industry. I bought your serrated victorinox knife and loved it for cutting fruit for displays. Then three years later bought the knife which I just bought from you ( the 8 in. chef) and always liked it. For the price and quality I find the Victorinox is of good quality.

By Fred K. from Granville, NY
November 17, 2006

It has good heft, balance and is a clean, solid blade. It is an excellent value!

By Keyton W. from Atlanta, GA
November 4, 2006

This is a good weight, sturdy feel, extra sharp blade and phenomenal price. What's not to like? I bought this because I saw the America's Test Kitchen folks use it (and like it from their equipment reviews) and they were dead on. It is a Great Knife!

By Carolyn M. from Clinton, SC
November 1, 2006

As owner of several brands of knives, I found my small Victorinox paring knives to be my very favorites. Therefore, when I needed another chef's knife, I will chose Victorinox. I am very pleased with this knife. It is sharp and lightweight, my first and foremost considerations. I am very pleased with this purchase.

By Chris W. from Minnesota, MN
October 27, 2006

This is an awesome knife with a great price! It is well-balanced, sharp, light and I love it.

By Martin D. from Vallejo, CA
October 24, 2006

This is a great knife! America's test kitchen was right. I can now chop onions with the best of them.

By Dennis D. from Libertyville, IL
October 20, 2006

This is the best knife I've ever owned. It is well balanced, has a great "feel",and it is incredibly sharp. The Non-slip handle is a real plus!

By Ronald J. from Tuscon, AZ
October 13, 2006

This is the best chef's knife I've used, including some costing 3 times as much.

By Kim B. from Columbia, SC
September 27, 2006

It is an inexpensive, light knife that is great for an extra knife around a kitchen or in a second home.

By Judi H. from Eugene, OR
September 22, 2006

I Love this knife!

By Pat A. from Long Island, NY
September 21, 2006

This a great knife. It is great for chopping but also sharp enough for slicing meat. The price can't be beat. I have many knives for cooking and serving, but this is the best.

By Kevin W. from Pasadena, CA
September 16, 2006

I ordered the knife based on high ratings elsewhere. My initial impression was that the knife was too light. After some use, my initial impression was wrong. For chopping, the handle sits high, the knife rolls comfortably. It is a great tool!

By Helene P. from St.john's Nl Canada
April 28, 2006

I find this knife to be excellent. I use it every day. I do wonder,though, if it will need sharpening at some time in the future.

By Michael M. from Hicksville, NY
January 31, 2006

Cooks Illustrated rated this knife above all of the chef knives costing 3 and 4 times the price of this knife. I've tried several chef knives over the years and Cooks is right! This is an excellent knife. You won't be disappointed.

By K. M. from Elkins Park, PA
November 30, 2005

This is the best knife in my kitchen. Love it. It's a very sharp knife, I won't have to sharpen it for quite some time.

By Ellen R. from Port St. Lucie, FL
November 19, 2005

Has quickly become the most frequently used knife in the kitchen.

By Deborah S. from Edison, NJ
November 10, 2005

I've loved to cook for a long time but never thought that it was worth a small fortune to have an expensive knife. I've used various sets that were good deals and I thought they were good enough. But then watching America's Test Kitchen and their reviews, I thought it might be worth trying this one especially since it wasn't very expensive. Oh my, what a difference! It has totally changed some tasks into a breeze. It cuts through heavy going like butter, it's comfortable to use, it's just great and quite a good deal.

By Nino P. from Newark, NJ
November 8, 2005

Very good.

By Lydia A. from San Antonio
November 5, 2005

This knife is great. It's very sharp, nicely balanced, and comfortable to hold. I can slice and chop so much more quickly and efficiently with it. As soon as I got it I put away the similarly-priced Henckels I'd gotten at Target which had been frustrating me for some time. This knife is worth every penny.

By Clara Nell E. from Orlando, F, LA
October 31, 2005

I am extremely satisfied with the knife. An excellent bargain.

By Shannon M. from San Antonio, TX
October 24, 2005

Nice weight and balance, great price. Very happy with this knife!

By Jen S. from Salt Lake City, UT
October 7, 2005

Beautiful knife and a great price. Thank you!

By Nancy P. from Randolph WI.
October 5, 2005

I confess I haven't had a truly good knife before, so anything with some quality might seem an improvement. Yet, I researched in Cooks Illustrated and online reviews and decided this was the knife for me. I couldn't believe the difference when I started using this knife. It is easy to grip--and I have very small hands--and it makes those chopping and prep chores I used to dread a pleasure. This is an excellent knife for any kitchen. It's well-balanced, comfortable grip, substantial, but not too heavy in the hand, and it has a good sharp edge. Treat yourself to this knife for what is a very reasonable price and enjoy cooking again. Good basic tools, such as a good chef's knife, DO make a difference, and this one is good for any kitchen,whether you cook up a storm or just cook occasionally.

By Margo T. from Bullhead City, Arizona
September 25, 2005

I am very pleased with my purchase, not only because it makes slicing easy, but because it was very reasonably priced compared to other Chef knives on the market.

By G W. from Maryland
September 21, 2005

Excellent quality, excellent value

By Lonette A. from Beaver Falls, PA
September 9, 2005

I have had this knife for about a month and have yet needed to resharpen it. It has become my favorite knife. The handle is comfortable in my hand and easy to grip. I also like that it's dishwasher safe. I will soon purchase the set!

By Alana P. from Baltimore, MD
September 8, 2005

I just love the heft of this knife. It seems to fit very naturally and comfortably in my hand, and my boyfriend says the same thing (his hand is much bigger). The blade holds a very nice edge, which I maintain with a Wusthof sharpener. All in all, I am very pleased with this purchase.

By John D. from Woodside, NT
September 3, 2005

I like the knife very much. It has a nice feel to it. I have other knives but this has become my favorite. My Henckels takes second place.

By Lewis S. from Aiken, SC
August 31, 2005

This is the second one we own, and have given others to friends. It would be easy to say for the money it has no equal, but we have tried most, if not all brands of 8" chef's knives one place or other and prefer this one over all the others - no matter the price. And speaking of price, it is probably the least expensive one out there.

By Anthony T. from Naples, Italy
March 19, 2008

We love the knife! The only drawback is that it is too big for our knife block. So we have to set it to the side.

By Laura B. from Portsmouth, VA
January 14, 2008

Slices through vegetables like they were made of butter.

By Gail V. from New York, NY
April 26, 2007

The knife was fine to use, however, it seemed to need sharpening immediately. It does work well and feels good in the hand.

By Ann R. from Palo Alto, CA
April 14, 2007

I like the knife. It's sharp (unlike most of our other knives) and works well for chopping vegetables, garlic, etc. Next time I would buy the 6 inch version; but that's my personal preference.

By Pj P. from Orlando, FL
January 12, 2007

This is a good knife and an excellent buy for the money.

By Mary S. from Atlanta, GA
January 3, 2007

Knife is well-balanced and easy to handle. It is also very sharp, which is good for chopping and slicing, but must be handled with care. I am very pleased with the knife.

By Flava F. from Seattle, WA
December 29, 2006

It is a good knife for the price.

By Karla T. from Iowa City, IA
October 24, 2006

It is sharp and only time will tell how well it holds an edge but so far very good. This knife is well worth the price and better than more expensive ones.

By Gordon D. from Victoria B.C. Canada
July 28, 2006

Price, easy care , takes a good edge & holds it well . I have switched over to victorinox for all my kitchen now, my heckle & sabatier now just as spares . I find that they make fine gifts at reasonable prices.

By Shar G. from San Jose, CA
April 23, 2006

Love it! This knife is well balanced and performs as well as high-end pieces priced 5 times more.

By Dave N. from Saint Paul, MN
February 24, 2006

This is a great general purpose chef's knife. Its blade isn't as thick as some proffessional knives and probably won't take as many sharpenings as they will, but this knife also wasn't $250. I would recommend this knife to anybody who is serious about cooking in there own kitchen.

By Jean O. from Berkeley, CA
October 20, 2005

The knife was recommended by "Cook's Illustrated Magazine" and lives up to its recommendation. Good Value!

By Bernadette T. from Miami, FL
April 30, 2009

Nothing spectacular.

By Carol N. from Kburnt Hills, NY
January 1, 2007

You can't beat it for the money!

By Vish K. from San Francisco, CA
August 26, 2005

Bought this based on a recommendation on a cook show on PBS. The knife though initially sharp had trouble cutting vegetables with smooth skin e.g tomatoes. Over a period of 30 days the sharpness waned and now it is our backup knife. Not impressed.

By Ron R. from Detroit, MI
March 5, 2008

Cheap knife, cheap results. My budget restricts me from investing in a forged knife, however, I have used one and its performance makes the Victorinox feel like working with a butter knife. I will save my money and buy a real knife.

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