Lansky Sharpeners Master's Edge Deluxe Sharpener

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Lansky Sharpeners Master's Edge Deluxe Sharpener
Lansky Sharpeners Master's Edge Deluxe Sharpener
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The Lansky Master's Edge Deluxe sharpener is a complete system for use on a wide range of knives with the three most commonly used angles. As easy to use as slicing bread. Choose an angle, insert rods into the appropriate holes and while holding the blade perpendicular to the base draw down one rod from top to bottom always moving towards the tip. Just repeat on the other rod to sharpen other side of edge. Includes two medium and two fine ceramic rods plus a triangular rod for serrations, fish hooks and awls. Convenient snap in rod storage, non-slip rubber base and an integrated hand guard.

Three sharpening angles:

•17º Fine angle: for fillet and fine slicing

•20º Fine angle: for slicing, butcher, paring and skinning knives.

•25º Medium angle: for hunting, camping, utility and chef's knives.

•Made in China.

Model Number: MEDGE1
Catalog Number: 479033

Customer Reviews

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By Steve F. from Rochester, NY
February 14, 2017

I debated buying this or the Spyderco system. I read some reviews, and it seems that there isn't much difference between the two, except pretty much the price. This is easy to use, stows well, and is a drastic improvement, for me, over sharpening freehand with a stone or using or 'prefab' sharpening "V" tools. In particular, I was having trouble sharpening my higher-end blades (Elmax, SV35, etc.). The steel's so hard that the prefab tools were not doing the job, and freehand it's hard to control the grind angle precisely enough to get the kind of result I want. No more. Use the grey (medium) rods first, then the white (fine). GREAT edge. And doing it is easy as (and remarkably similar to, in motion) slicing bread. I sharpened about 30 folding knives in about two hours, without rushing (3 at a time: 3 on the grey rods, switch to white, 3 on the white rods, on to the next 3). There's also a triangular rod with three different angles for serrated knives. It made a massive difference on the bread knife in the kitchen. Wow. Only one niggle: the rods are stowed under the bottom of the unit, but there's no guard or door over them. Given that ceramic rods can break if dropped on a hard surface, I put a couple of rubber bands around the thing when I stow it. Highly recommended.

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