Smart Air Beds ChestAIRfield 2 Person Inflatable Chesterfield Sofa, White (SUMO000025KW)

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Smart Air Beds ChestAIRfield 2 Person Inflatable Chesterfield Sofa, White (SUMO000025KW)
Smart Air Beds ChestAIRfield 2 Person Inflatable Chesterfield Sofa, White (SUMO000025KW)
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The ChestAIRfield Inflatable Two Person Chesterfield Sofa is certainly not for everyone, but this amazing piece of furniture is for those of us who want something so different and unique that we stand out from the crowd.

Mobile, stylish and simply marvelous, the ChestAIRfield was designed and engineered as a modern interpretation of a traditional classic style. These sofas can be used indoors for elegant and stylish living or outdoors on the patio or by the pool.

The ChestAIRfield sofa is a high-end inflatable, constructed of durable PVC (0.60 mm thick - the same materials as heavy duty boat towables that are made to withstand extreme speeds, weight shifts and abrasions). It can be inflated in just four minutes with the included external 400W turbo A/C pump.

If the price tag on this item shocks you, please be aware, this isn't an inflatable sofa that you'd find in your teenager's bedroom. You'd be more likely to see the ChestAIRField at an exclusive outdoor concert, a art gallery opening or at a roof top party where you are rubbing elbows with CEOs and actors. The sofa was engineered by our finest and most experienced production director, who first sketched the product, made a cardboard sample, then made several handmade PVC prototypes that were refined and perfected until the ChestAIRfield was ready to be produced on a mass basis. Even when produced in "mass," the production runs are limited to insure the best quality, while each unit is inspected and tested to make sure you're only getting the finest inflatable ever made. Why are Mercedes more expensive then Hondas? Why are Rolex more expensive then Timex? Materials, craftsmanship and quality assurance. As soon as you receive your ChestAirField, you'll notice right from the box that this inflatable is very different from other inflatables.

Whether you're furnishing your living room, den, office, rooftop patio or outdoor living space, these ChestAIRfields are certainly going to be the topic of discussion when guests arrive.

• Premium inflatable - seats 2

• Great for outdoor parties and events

• Heavy duty - made from the same materials as boat towable

• AC pump, carry bag and patch kit included

Model Number: SUMO000025K2W
Catalog Number: 510627

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