Landmann Wide Bar 1/2" Steel V-Grate 23", 5 Bar

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Landmann Wide Bar 1/2" Steel V-Grate 23", 5 Bar
Landmann Wide Bar 1/2" Steel V-Grate 23", 5 Bar
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Features & Benefits:

• Deep 1" "V" Grooves holds gelled fire starter close to the firewood & makes lighting fires easy!

• Solid and durable, the new Landmann Wide Bar "V" grates are made from solid 1/2" square bar steel which is 33% heavier than products made of round bar steel

• Landmann's new Wide Bar " V" Grate has more surface area to hold wood securely

• The new Deep "V" Wide Bar Grates are designed to work with most any gelled fire starter

• "V"- Grates are designed to hold "gelled fire starter" close to your kindling & fire wood for Easy Lighting of Fireplace fires - No newspaper is needed to light your fire which generates less smoke and mess!

• Dimensions: 22" x 19" x 13" x 6.75"

• Weight: 7.3 lbs.

Model Number: 85235
Catalog Number: 571713

LANDMANN- a name that one has for a long time associated with barbecues. Nevertheless, it all began without a barbecue. That was in the year 1848, the year in which the Gebruder Thiele Company was founded, the parent company of the current LANDMANN Group. Of course, at that time we understood little about barbecues - today, however, we know more.

Outdoor Products

We offer a large selection of charcoal grills and smokers under the brands of “Black Dog”,”Charcoal Gourmet” and “Classic” grills. We are also the largest supplier of Firewood Storage Racks in the country.

Indoor Products

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of fireplace grates in the USA. We have a wide variety of indoor fireplace products including tool sets, fireplace screens, log hoops and firebacks. Our design team has improved grates to include the ember retainer enabling your fires to burn, longer hotter and more efficiently.

LANDMANN has evolved since the middle of the 1960's to be the renowned specialists for leisure time barbecues in Germany and beyond into Europe and the USA. Even if the expanding market has been favorable to the continual development of the company, this was nevertheless largely due to the realization of the long-term cultivation of their company strategy which has enabled LANDMANN in recent years to become the highest-volume supplier and correspondingly the market leader in barbecues, accessories and charcoal/ briquettes in the whole of Europe and now beginning to take the same growth path into the USA.

The product diversity has increased from year to year; a long-term tendency towards high-quality product offering is unmistakable. In this context, the significant barbecue market in the USA, in which the LANDMANN organization for many years has occupied a leading supplier position. Continue to look toward Landmann as your source for all of your leisure living lifestyles to compliment your backyard needs.

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