Gatco 15010 Ultimate Finishing Hone

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Take your blade over the edge with the Gatco 15010 Ultimate Finishing Hone. Made of 96% alumina ceramic, this is the finest hone ever produced. When you use it as the last step in the sharpening process, your knives will experience a sharpness like never before. This makes the perfect addition to any honing set.

Brand: Gatco
Model Number: 15010
Catalog Number: 58204

Customer Reviews

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By Travis N. from Saint Paul, MN
September 14, 2007

Somewhere around 17 hunting seasons ago my dad gave me a brand new Buck 105 knife and sheath. In my family, deer hunting gear is treated with a high level of respect. The knife never went to scout camp or on fishing trips, but even through disciplined use field dressing as a very green hunter I managed to mangle the blade over time. Now, as I turn 30 for the next season I decided I was going to restore the knife to a razor edge. I started with a Gatco kit with 3 hones: course, medium and fine. I used them as directed and the knife was better for it, but still unable to make hairs jump free of my arm. I picked up a complimenting fine diamond stone to try to finish my work but I think it does as much harm as good and I doubt I will use it again. Finally I put the Ultimate Finishing Hone to work after stepping up through the others and my old hunting knife is shaving sharp again. A great value and the perfect compliment to my Edgemate system.

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