Schrade Uncle Henry 167UH 12" Steelhead Fillet Knife

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Chances are, you grew up idolizing the hunters in your life, spending countless hours watching them peel the hides off their kills like it was nothing. More often then not, they were using knives just like Uncle Henry's Steelhead fillet knife. And there are plenty of good reasons why: this knife's flexibility, sturdiness, and sharpness have made it the favorite of generations of hunters and fishermen. This knife includes a custom-made leather sheath.

Brand: Schrade
Model Number: 167UH
Catalog Number: 60234
Blade Length 7.5 inches
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Sheath Material Leather
Blade Edge Plain
Point Trailing point
Handle Material Stag
Total Length 12 inches
Blade Color Silver/Gray
Sheath Included Yes
Pocket Clip Included No
Knife Type Fixed Blade
Handle Color Brown/Tan
Schrade Logo
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The Schrade Cutlery Company was founded in 1904 in Walden, New York. The quality of the cutlery produced was unique to the industry at that time. Imperial Knife Company, established in Providence, Rhode Island in 1916, grew to manufacture a full range of value-priced folding pocket knives.

In 2003, the strength of Schrade's design concepts and engineering continues to move forward with exciting, cutting edge product introductions and a respect for tradition. Representing the newest of the new is Q3 Technology for Quick, Quiet and Quality offering a series of multi-functional folders designed for maximum performance. And in recognition of its heritage, Schrade's Custom Collaboration series celebrates the uniqueness of handcrafted design in their partnerships with the nations finest custom knife makers. Blending technology and tradition, the company continues its leadership position in the global cutlery and tool marketplace.

Key to Schrade's strength as a knife maker is the workforce of talented and committed craftsmen, including third and fourth generation employees. Learning the trade from parents and grandparents, they pass along the valuable knowledge, skills and pride necessary for the consistent production of quality knives and tools. That dedication and spirit lives at the 93 acre site in Ellenville, blending the decades of experienced hand craftsmanship with some of the most modern technology available. Schrade continues to grow in leaps and bounds due to our well earned reputation for quality and value, responsiveness to an ever changing market place, innovative new products, diversification into new markets, and customer service second-to-none in the industry.

Imperial Schrade Corp., holds an ongoing commitment to the outdoors and to the future generations of Americans with whom it will be entrusted. Imperial Schrade continues to lend private sector support to programs that include Ducks Unlimited, the Federal Duck Stamp program, the NRA Youth Hunter Education Challenge and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. These programs will assist in the protection and preservation of the environment, along with educating America's youth in their heritage of participation in and care of the outdoors into the 21st century.

Note: As of 2004 Schrade Knives are made in China with the same quality and care that goes into making world's finest pocket knives, lock backs, fixed blades, cutlery for the outdoor and hunting markets and multi-tools.

Video of the engraving process

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Logo Engraving
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Text Engraving (Silver Blade)
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Text Engraving (Black Blade)

Customer Reviews

Average Rating:
By John L. from Atlanta, MI
May 17, 2017

Bought as a gift which was well received. Recipient really liked the light weight and flexibility of the knife. Handle fit well in the hand.

By Mark S. from Baudette, MN
September 4, 2016

Great knife

By Jim P. from Kingston New York
July 31, 2016

Very thin and flexible filet trout with ease

By Eid A. from Saudi Arabia
September 23, 2015

Excellent and very sharp knife

By Kathy W. from Overland Park, KS
March 28, 2014

I bought the knife to fillet chicken breasts and it works great!

By Steve B. from Westminster, CA
February 16, 2014

Ok so I received this on friday and used that as an excuse to go on a fishing trip out of a local cattle boat ocean trip. We had a great time and caught a multitude of various keeper fish ranging from 1/2# to 8# fish. When the deck hands started to clean the fish on the trip back I asked the guy cleaning my fish to use my knife. I explained why I wanted him to use my knife, for this review, and he thought it was a great idea. Initially he thought that the blade didn't have enough width and that it would not have the backbone to get through the bigger fish. He shortly changed his mind. In fact he asked to use it to clean the rest of the fish on the boat. I had no problem with that as this is suppose to be a review of the knife and how it works, how better than to allow a deck hand to clean 100+ fish and get his honest opinion. So after about 15-20 fish the blade needed to be honed on a stone, which is not unusual for these guys and their high quality $100+ knifes they use. They did tell me that it took the edge on the stone quicker with less passes over the stone then their knifes normally do. All in all they loved the knife and especially loved the tip that curved on the end for removing flesh close to the tail or skin close to the end of the cut. The only negatives they had were the size of the handle and there was no where to put your thumb when really had to turn or push the blade through bone or a heave piece of flesh. For their use they would have liked a larger handle but when I used it last night and this morning to finish cleaning my fillets and prepping a pork butt for they smoker the handle was fine for me. I am a large guy, 6'5" over 300# and I have really large hands. I love this fillet knife, I will be buying more to put in various tackle boxes and hunting packs.

By Chris G. from Brooklyn NY
January 3, 2013

This is a quality knife. Leather sheath is nice too. Would be a great gift. I won't get to use it until next year but I am looking forward to it.

By Alice M. from Bradenton FL
November 14, 2012

I have one and use it all the time. I sent one as a gift.

By Ralph C. from Flin Flon,manitoba
July 25, 2012

The most durable knife in the filleting industry,looks great and does an excellent job.This is my 10th knife and everyone that I gave this knife to love it.

By Clint B. from Jupiter, FL
February 28, 2012

Great little knife. I needed it for gift.

By Morris R. from Brandon, MS
February 6, 2012

I needed the knife to complete a collection. It was exactly what I wanted. The quality and workmanship lived up to the Schrade tradition.

By Daniel Q. from NJ
February 13, 2011

This is one great knife, all fishermen should have one or two in their tackle box or boat. I'm getting ready to order two more so my friends can help me clean their harvest.

By Mike P. from Tilton, Ill
June 2, 2010

Very handsome piece,quality of the old Uncle Henry we are used to.

By Clarence H S. from Lawnside, NJ
July 1, 2009

This is a very good knife. In fact this is the the third one that I have bought. The 1st two need a good sharpening.

By Rick B. from Nashville, TN
May 28, 2009

This is the best feeling knife I've ever used in the last 10 years! You can really feel the bones under the knife and the nice narrow thin blade bends easily to conform to the shape of the fish.

By Dana B. from San Diego, CA
March 20, 2009

This knife was purchased as a gift. He loves it!! I bought it to take fishing and he is very happy. Good enough for me!! Thank you!

By Tom L. from Pittsburgh, PA
July 6, 2008

I have been looking for an "Uncle Henry's Stag Handle Fillet Knife" for a while. I understood why I was having trouble finding one when I read that the Schrade knife company had an ownership structure change. Then I found out that the knives were being made in China, and I was not sure I wanted to spend my money on Chinese merchandise. I decided to give it a try, and so far have been very satisfied with the quality of craftsmanship and fit of the knife, and the sheath. I have filleted several fish with it and was surprised with the sharpness of the blade and the nice flex that I got with it. So far I am very satisfied with this knife, but time will tell how it holds up.

By Jim D. from Trumbull, CT
May 9, 2008

If I only had one knife it would be the Schrade Uncle Henry steel head fillet knife. I not only use it for fish, but it is great for meat as well. I bought my first Uncle Henry fillet knife about 12 years ago at a fishing show and am so glad that the your website carry's this out standing knife. It makes a great gift to not only fishermen but also anyone who cooks.

By Lindsey H. from Georgetown, IN
August 11, 2007

It was just what my Dad wanted and he has not had any complaints about it thus far.

By Dave O. from Pelican Lake, MN
July 23, 2007

I watched an Uncle Henry being used by our guide, fishing The Lake of the Woods in Minnesota and Ontario and absolutely had to have it. I purchased two, one for myself the for my son. I have since been fishing in Northwest Ontario. I cleaned approximately 50 walleye for our party, shore lunch and limit to bring home. The knife had great flexibility and did a great job! The Uncle Henry is probably my 5th filleting knife and by far the best. Once it is sharpened, it stays sharp with a few swipes with steel. I'd buy it again but I'll never lose this one. Thanks Schrade!

By Chris H. from Long Island, NY
January 29, 2007

I have bought many fillet knives in my life but this is by far the BEST! I like a long blade. It is flexible enough to fillet and skin the fish that I catch. Thank you very much for the product!

By Dustin H. from Tampa, FL
December 27, 2006

I use it fillet the fish and it is nice.

By Raymond P. from Superior, WI
September 25, 2006

Uncle Henry's filet knife isn't new to me, my first filet knife, wich I had for seberal years was stolen from me, since I have used other knives to filet my waleyes and othe fish. Some worked fairly well but nothing came even close to uncle Henry'steelhead knife. Thanks for making the best knife available.

By Marie N. from Columbia, SC
September 5, 2006

These knives are the best.

By Raymond P. from Superior, WI
August 14, 2006

This is my second Uncle Henry's filet knife, with the Staglon Hamdle. My first one was stolen from our fish camp. This is undoubtly the best filet knife I've ever used, the fheft made me realize the quality, when I had to use another brand. Thanks for your effort in making such a high quality knife.

By Raymond P. from Superior, WI
July 2, 2006

I enjoyed using my Uncle Henry filet knife it was certainly the best filet knive I've ever used, I lost the first Schrade-Uncle Henry filet knife, it was stolen from my home during a burlgary, I guess the thief knew the best when he saw it. Thanks for making a great knife. It makes Walleye fishing and cleaning even better.

By Kathy S. from Kansas City, MO
January 27, 2009

Professional company, made the transaction secure but easy. I had no surprises.

By Richard B. from Perryville, MD
January 28, 2008

I have one of these knives that was manufactured in the USA. It is a step above the Chinese models that I purchased from your store. However, they are still a fine fillet knife; the blade is just not of the same quality.

By Bettie F. from Florida
January 4, 2007

Great value!

By Gordon B. from Manning, Alberta, Canada
August 25, 2008

This is a very nice knife, very comfortable to use, but doesn't seem to hold an edge very well.

By Martin M. from Boston
January 20, 2007

This knife is as sharp as they come.

By Joseph A. from San Francisco, CA
August 21, 2006

I have an original Schrade fillet knife that I used extensively. This newest version of that knife did not have the same quality in the blade that I admired in the original. A little more flex in the blade than I like. A good knife but not a great knife.

By Greg B. from Rochester, MN
October 27, 2017

I bought my first Uncle Henry fillet knife in the early 90's. I was really impressed with the out of the package sharpness, flexibility and ability to hold an edge. I unfortunately left that knife in a fish cleaning house. I bought a second Uncle Henry fillet knife in 2015. That knife wasn't sharp out of the package. I had to rip through fish rather than slice through them. Also the knife lacked the flexibility of my first Uncle Henry. I was really disappointed in the second knife.

By Mike C. from Interlochen, MI
July 4, 2009

I purchased this knife to replace one that got broken. The one I replaced I had for over twenty five years and it was a great knife. The new one is a very poor substitute cor the original. The blade is about half the thickness and if flexed does not spring back. Also the sheath is made from some kind of pressed together leather with very poor stitching. I am not happy with the new knife.

By Keith M. from Massillon, OH
October 31, 2009

I have been a fan of Schrade but am very disappointed that they are now made over seas. You take the product over seas and tell me the quality is the same and yet the prices have not gone down but up. What about "3rd and 4th generation craftsmen"???? Where is YOUR loyalty. I am truly sorry but I will search for a product made in MY country that supports MY neighbors jobs and my family. I have learned that the dollar has power but no loyalty. That is left up to the people in our country.........including business professionals.

By Lev S. from Elmwood Park, NJ
June 3, 2006

I have received the knife and one week later the knife broke.

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