Cold Steel Knives Magnum Kukri Machete with Cordura Sheath

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There's no single edged weapon that we can think of that can out-chop or our-cut a good Kukri. It's true that the best Kukris, like our LTC and Gurkha models can be somewhat expensive. While those "thoroughbreds" perform extraordinarily well for the money that they cost, it sometimes seems that what's required is a good, inexpensive, "workhorse" model.

The kukri machetes are those workhorses. The "Magnum" model has a whopping seventeen inch blade. It is ready to plow through the toughest chores life can dish out. It features the distinctive weight-forward balance of our "top-of-the-line" models, and always present their edge on an angle to they're guaranteed to "bite" deep with every stroke. Additionally, it comes with a sturdy Cordura sheath.

Model Number: 97MKM
Catalog Number: 60756
Blade Length 17.00 inches
Blade Material Carbon Steel (1055)
Sheath Material Cordura
Blade Edge Plain
Point Kukri
Handle Material Polypropylene
Total Length 22. inches
Blade Color Black
Sheath Included Yes
Knife Type Fixed Blade
Knife Weight 18.2 ounces
Handle Color Black
Country of Origin South Africa
Machete Type Kukri
Video of the engraving process

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating:
By Freedom L. from Los Angeles
January 14, 2018

Excellent machete, in line with what I expected and what was lacking. Upside: good steel, good weight distribution, good feel and flow when using. Love the Kukri-esk design because I didn't want the full angle of a true Kukri. Minor downside: the edge from the factory needed filing to achieve the geometry and sharpness I wanted. I needed to learn to sharpen a machete anyway since the edge needs to be maintained. I'm going to get one for my brother...

By Jason M. from Mountville, PA
June 15, 2009

It is better quality than expected!

By Harry R. from Rohnert Park, CA
May 27, 2009

This is an exceptional machete for the price! It is good steel and very sharp. However, I think the burr on the blade should have been removed. Also the handle is very hard plastic and it kind of hurt my hands when chopping. Maybe the handle should be made of durable softer material.

By Mark V. from Houston, TX
January 4, 2009

For a first time user the machete did great work on a stand of ginger. I would recommend to anyone needing to clear hard to cut plants.

By Dan G. from Illinois/iowa
October 17, 2008

I work in trail maintenance and forestry labor for a conservation department, and have used the regular kukri machete for a couple of years. The Magnum Kukri is a great "mate" to this other machete. I've cut through all sorts of brush with both wild rose and honeysuckle being two of the big obstacles. If there is something that will be easier cut without the use of one of my chainsaws or pruners then the machetes are put to use. Everywhere I go the two machetes are in my trail bag, and ready for action.

By Wayne L. from New York, NY
August 14, 2007

Great machete, weight is forward, the all black looks really good, and with a good sharpening, its a really good tool in the field.

By Reid C. from Long Beach, CA
July 1, 2007

Good weight, works well. The blade takes a beating with heavy use, so keep a sharpener around. You may need to sharpen it when it you get it too.

By Frank G. from Texas
February 27, 2007

The weight forward blade of this machete makes it perfect for the heavy brush in Texas. I am able to keep a sharper edge on the inside curve for work where I need a better edge. The cross-hatching on the handle and the large pommel makes the blade easy to hold onto. A great knife!

By John M. from Zephyrhills, FL
December 18, 2006

Its a great tool for the price, holds a very good edge and cuts very well too.

By Ger A. from Ireland
October 20, 2011

This knife is very good, heavy, sturdy, solid grip, perfect finish. The only negative i would say is that it is not sharp at all. very blunt and more or less breaks stuff than cuts them. over all quite good though

By Denny S. from Pahrump, NV
December 11, 2009

The Magnum Kukri is well constructed and light in hand or on hip. It came sharp out of the box and less than 10 seconds on a steel brought it to razor shaving sharp. The sheath was an after thought. The cordura was put together well enough, but is quite flimsy. Stiffeners were added at the base point of the unit, but lacks stiffening to the belt loop. It has 2 retaining straps midway and top to hold the Kukri, but is oversize and the Kukri moves and feels it can pop out unexpectedly. The top retention strap should go over the blade on the handle side of were the pommel would be for better retention. Over-all the machete is 5 star, but the sheath drops it to 4 stars.

By James B. from Rio Rancho, NM
November 27, 2008

I like the curved design. The purchaser probably will need to sharpen before using. I am chopping local varieties of cactus with it, including cholla cactus, which is thick tube like cactus and it is doing a good job. Wish it was 2-4" longer.

By Bob F. from Escondido, CA
August 26, 2008

I use this machete in my avocado grove and would highly recommend for anyone wanting a solid, low priced machete. It came with a mediocre edge, but after sharpening it has performed well for me. The good weight makes cutting easy. I would buy it again tomorrow!

By Ana S. from Connecticut
July 11, 2008

The item was good quality and worth the money, but is not preferable for chopping less dens growth as its weight becomes awkward beyond the bow. However, I have no complaints as it is the design.

By Les W. from Arlington, WA
December 18, 2007

A+++Very happy with item! It was described just like in the auction. Shipping was fast. Would buy from again.

By Shaun N. from Trevor, WI
September 6, 2007

This works decently for cutting down cat tails and such. My hands are a little large. This might have something to do with the size of my hands (I'm 6'3), but I'd recommend work gloves when using.

By Charles H. from Virginia
August 19, 2007

I bought the kukri machete to include in an emergency back-pack to have available. I do not need a heavy ax as the machete will do it all.

By Robert G. from White Plains, NY
May 25, 2015

Terrible burred edge in spots

By Robert G. from White Plains, NY
May 25, 2015

Terrible burred edge in spots

By Jay E. from Salvisa, KY
August 27, 2009

I didn't mind sharpening the kukri machete, and expected that, but the bevel on the edge was not the same on each side. One side longer than the other. Also the black coating is very spottie. Otherwise I am satisfied with the chopping, and it holds a good edge.

By Cory L. from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
April 26, 2009

Good balance and good weight at the tip. The hand grip is VERY grippy and rough. Cover with hockey tape or you WILL regret it. Blade is reasonably sharp to begin, but could use a few passes with a sharpener before use. Very strong and tough machete, I wouldn't worry about needing another one until there's not enough blade left to be sharpened. (In a Century or so.) Makes quick work of making tarp supports and kindling while camping, clears nasty brush while bushwhacking. All in all, a very good blade. I'd get another if I ever needed to.

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