KA-BAR Bowie Knife, 6.9" Blade, Stacked Leather Handle, Leather Sheath - 1236

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KA-BAR Bowie Knife, 6.9" Blade, Stacked Leather Handle, Leather Sheath - 1236
KA-BAR Bowie Knife, 6.9" Blade, Stacked Leather Handle, Leather Sheath - 1236
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Made just as well as it was in the good old days, this Bowie knife from KA-BAR knifes is sleek, straightforward, and beautiful to look at. The nice, clean lines of its design will look great in your hands as well as on your mantle with your other prized possessions. You'll love its sharp, mirror-finished 7" blade, which represents a perfect union of function and looks. And this knife's stacked leather handle has to be seen to be believed! Up close, its fine craftsmanship is enough to take even your opponent's breath away. Made in Taiwan.


• 6.9" stacked leather handle

• Blade Material: 1

• Carry System: Leather Sheath

• Handle Material: Stacked Leather

Model Number: 2-1236-9
Catalog Number: 82356
Blade Length 6.875 inches
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Sheath Material Leather
Blade Edge Plain
Point Clip Point
Handle Material Leather
Total Length 11.875 inches
Blade Color Silver/Gray
Sheath Included Yes
Knife Type Fixed Blade
Handle Color Brown/Tan
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Making a quality KA-BAR product requires the talent of experienced craftspeople performing dozens of processes with precision and skill. Each knife undergoes specific manufacturing processes to ensure corrosion resistance, strength, edge holding ability, and an out-of-the-box razor sharp cutting edge.

Soon after its introduction in the mid-1920's, the KA-BAR trademark became widely known and respected. There have been many versions of how the KA-BAR name came to be, but all evidence points to a letter received from a fur trapper. This particular fur trapper's testimonial turned out to be the most significant ever received by the company.

He wrote, in very rough English, that his gun had jammed and that he had therefore relied on his knife to kill a wounded bear that was attacking him. In thanking the company for their quality product the trapper described using his knife to kill the bear. All that was legible of his scrawled writing was "k a bar". The company was so honored by this testimonial that they adopted this phrase and used it as their trademark, KA-BAR.

Video of the engraving process

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Logo Engraving
engraved silver knife example
Text Engraving (Silver Blade)
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Text Engraving (Black Blade)

Customer Reviews

Average Rating:
By Tim W. from Calgary, Ab Canada
March 27, 2011

The KA-BAR Bowie knife arrived very quickly. The production is just as good as I expected. The handle is comfortable and the blade is nice and sharp. A great product!

By Dmitriy M. from Toronto, On, Canada
March 5, 2011

Perfect tactical knife, I like it very much.

By John F. from Manassas, VA
January 8, 2009

I'm a Viet Nam Vet. I had a k-bar knife just like this. I left it with a scout when I went home. I was very glade to find one on your site. I love the knife and your site.

By Akira K. from Troy, OH
February 17, 2013

Very nice looking knife. It does feel very light, but it seems sturdy and it's definitely razor sharp. Although the hand guard was a little wobbly when I got it and it made a rattling noise every time I took it out of the sheath. Rather than sending it back and waiting for it to be repaired or replaced, I just put a drop of superglue on it and it's fine now. But overall I'm very happy with it. It has a very nice "Wild West" kind of look to it.

By Craig B. from Dillon, SC
February 21, 2012

The knife is beautiful. It is a little on the thin size for a knife with a near 7 inch blade. The blade is very sharp and is very useful in hunting and camping purposes. Just do no prying. The major disapointment was the knife of this quality was made in Taiwan instead of the USA and the sheath(very oily)was made in China. This is still a great knife and after holdindg it in my hands, I would recomend this knife to my friends. I recieved the knife as a gift and intend to use it on hunting and camping trips.

By Henry R. from Detroit, MI
November 1, 2011

Quite a showy knife. Mirror-finish handle that comes wrapped in tissue paper. The handle is quite attractive. Very good workmanship, but the knife feels like they were conserving materials when they designed it. Thin blade, minimal guards. Overall, a nice knife to display, but leave it in the case when you need to go out and cut something.

By Robert S. from Catonsville, MD
December 21, 2007

Having purchased KA-BAR WWII type tactical knives in the past which I consider American Icons, I was disappointed that this civilian model was not made in the USA. If the quality of the knife itself and it's mirror finished blade had not been so superb, I would have sent it back for being foreign made. However the knife itself was so beautiful, I could not bear to part with it. The sheath was a different story. It suffered from an all too prevalent industry problem of being so over saturated with oil that it bled into the cardboard box and was unwearable. I made my own sheath while soaking the KA-BAR sheath in mineral spirits, which totally removed all the oil. I have been hand rubbing oil into the sheath to restore it. I do not recommend this procedure. Maybe my sheath was just a fluke. The sheaths of the WWII type tactical knives I have recently purchased have been fine. I wrote to KA-BAR, New York and they sent me a new dry box to replace my oil soaked one for collect ability purposes.

By Roger B. from East Carbon, Utah
May 8, 2012

When I buy an American icon such as a Ka Bar Knife, I would really rather know that it is made in Taiwan. I bought this knife as a gift for a young man's 20th birthday and now I am ashamed to give it to him because it isn't made by Americans. Shame on you for not stating that it is made over seas from the start!

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