Knife Display Cases

Knife Display Cases
By Elizabeth V.

This plaque was the best option to display an older two handed sword purchased in the past. The wood matches the metal very well and makes the display very nice. On the down side the faux wood finish is very delicate. I placed some tape on it to make some measurements and when I took it off so did some of it. It was easily fixed by coloring in the space with a brown marker. As a heads up the box doesn't come with instructions, but it is easy to understand. Just use the pre-existing holes in the back to drill through. I decided to create my own drill holes to better fit the sword and it was very easy to drill through. Overall the material is not the greatest, but it creates an amazing looking display.

Excellent product. Well made and finished. For the knife it was intended for it is perfect. If you try to fit another knive to it as I did things can get difficult. Trying to get your particular knife to fit level becomes the problem. I tried fitting a Randall #1 - 8" to it and the handle bottomed on the base before the magnet could attract the blade to hold the knife forcing a friction fit on the guard in order to get the knife near level. I would still buy this product as mounting problems always occur when adapting and it looks great.

Holds plenty of knives and they will not get banged up or scratched.

By Gary P.
United Cutlery Small Knife Case, Hold 15 Knives

I have to give this 4 stars because it came in with one of the retention pieces torn so it will not store all the knives it is supposed to - but other than that it is great.

We ended up purchasing 3 of these for three friends who collect knives around the world. Although we did not use the KA-BAR knives we were still able the make minor adjustments to the holder within the the dome. All were delivered to Tasmania, Australia.

It's just what the men in my family wanted.

Very good, just what I needed. Just need to buy more knives.

Very nice item, for display of your collection or for a knife salesman. You would be quit surprised how many knives it holds and folds up very compact. Sipper works fine and the knife cover flaps are great to keep knives from touching each other when folded up. Keep an eye out for the screws that hold on the handle a little lock tight glue will hold them in (put a tiny drop on the threads of the screw).