Dexter-Russell Knife Roll / Bag Selection

Dexter-Russell Knife Roll / Bag Selection

Just recently purchased one of these bags and I must admit as amazing as it looked online, after receiving it I am even more impressed. The red inlay stitching on the black leather looks really sharp. The buckles are heavy duty and come undone easily as well as hold together great when the bag is rolled up. The entire design of the knife roll is A+. I have been a profession chef or over 12 years and have worked in many kitchens and seen a variety of different knife rolls and BY FAR this is the best you will probably find especially at this price range. The over the shoulder strap is also heavy duty and removable if that is your desire. Over all, for any professional chef looking for a great way to store and transport your knives.. and in style... then this is the buy for you. With 17 pockets, business card slots, storage pouch, pen/marker holders and beautiful durable construction of this bag, you will probably never buy another one again. 10/10

This is the knife bag that makes every chef that sees it say DAMN.

I love it! Excellent product.

I bought the knife roll as a Xmas gift for my granddaughter. She is a baker and also carries her favorite knives and accessories to work. She loved the knife roll it was a big hit. It's very well made and sturdy. Well worth it!

This was for my daughter for Christmas, the only thing I didn't care for was the it was stitched in red. Red on Black made it look cheap to me. Just my opinion.

This one is on my wish list . Had seen it on Jamie Oliver blog.

Best buy so far.. All the knives are well placed and quite compact to carry or travel . Worth the price . Another great product is the 17 pocket leather bag I saw on Jamie Olivers blog. Something on my wish list.

Best Knife Bag Ever, My boys in the Kitchen are envious, Christmas Presents for th Crew I think

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