Knife Set / Block Selection

Knife Set / Block Selection

Attractive, functional, convenient. A knife set not only adds beauty to your kitchen, but it also offers an affordable way to purchase multiple knives at once. Since a knife set frequently includes a knife block or storage tray, you have the added benefit of housing your cutlery collection in one central location. What's more, a knife block protects your knives while also helping to keep them sharp. Buying from Knife Depot offers many of the same benefits a knife set does. Our attractive site gives you easy functionality by providing a convenient way to find the exact knife set you want at affordable prices with fast shipping. Looking for a great gift? A knife block (or complete knife set) is an excellent choice for practically any occasion.

Victorinox 7-Piece Field Butcher Dressing Kit
$144.99 $190.00
Free Shipping
Chicago Cutlery Metropolitan 25-Pc Knife Set
$169.99 $199.99
Free Shipping

These knives are balanced perfectly. Smooth even cuts or dices. They sharpen in seconds. The block is beautiful. Con My peeler knife snapped right in the center of the blade. These knives are in pristine condition, it slid off the cutting board and hit the divider in the sink and it snapped. I can not find one link anywhere I search to get a replacement.

Good Knifes. Not Great. The block is already chipping. Would purchase again because of the price point.

Old hickory knives are the best and affordable. The 5 piece set is awesome!!

Good quality, accurate, quick delivery

By Colin M.
Master Cutlery Top Chef 9 Piece Cutlery Set

This is very good workmanship, best of its own kind.

Nice set, Except the cheap plastic between the blades and handles broke in my Santuko Knife from chopping. In all fairness had these knives for several years and they have had a lot of use. Replaced the scissors with a set having big opening for me. I got big hands..

This was given as a Christmas gift. The person who they were given to loved them. What really made it special was the fact of having his name engraved into the pieces. This gift was well received and loved.

Quality, solid stainless steel blades. Solid, not hollow handles. Still subject to rust spots, so be sure to hand wash after use and dry,,, do not put in dishwasher. The edges were okay when first used, but I found them to be much sharper after I sharpened them the first time. Since I sharpened them, I have only passed them across a steel a few times, this seems to polish the edge and provides a sharp edge. Definitely good quality for the price!

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