SOG Knives Leather Knife Sheath Selection

SOG Knives Leather Knife Sheath Selection

Sheaths were gifts. Everyone was very pleased with them.

I purchased two of these sheaths for my Benchmade folding knives. The stitching and Cordura nylon material are well made. The Velcor flap closure seems secure enough that my knives will not fall out. I was looking for a nylon sheath with a snap closure for security but decided to try this sheath relying on Benchmade quality.

Good quality leather perfect for Boker 2 blade knife 5inch couldn't be more happy thank you so much god bless

The sheath is just as it looked in the photo. It was the right size and in great shape. No tears or marks or loose stitching. I am very pleased with this product.

Surprisingly good quality for the price! Comes with a new ferro rod. Makes one handed use of the knife much easier. Looks nice, which I guess is a plus. :D But like with any leather sheath, I worry about moisture inside. I soaked mine with leather oil. Hopefully that will help both sheath and knife.

By Bill K.
Leather Sheath (LS56) for Schrade Bushcraft Model SCHF56

this sheath arrived ahead of promised time and new condition. it appears to be well made but the material looks and feels like some sort of faux leather. the sheath is nice and holds the sch56 very well. but is just marginally better than the nylon sheath Schrade supplied with the knife.

Perfect fit, low cost, and a great replacement for the factory nylon sheath. Recommended!

Nice upgrade from the nylon sheath, we'll made