Schrade Leather Knife Sheath Selection

Schrade Leather Knife Sheath Selection

Excellent product. Very well made. Would highly recommend.

This product was well made and fit perfectly, had been looking for sheath for long time, Knife fit perfectly, will definitely purchase again from company.

I loved the sheath, have been looking for this for a long time, these are sometimes hard to find in our area

The knife sheath I ordered was exactly as the picture and description stated. In other words I got exactly what I ordered and was expecting. I was also completely satisfied with the packing and shipping of the item. If I need any other knife items or knives I will definitely look up your site. I was and am 100% completely satisfied with my purchase. Thank You

It was a replacement sheath for my Dad's WWII KBar knife he used in the Navy. It looks very similar and is of very nice quality. I am very pleased.

Fit my 40 year old KA-BAR perfectly except the snap closure is a little too big for the top of handle. But it's good to go.

Fit the knife I needed it for just right. Well made product.

Quality product as advertised, Many retailers do not sell sheaths by themselves.