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EKA Knives from Sweden was founded way back in 1882. How does a company stay in business that long? Despite competing against 40 different knife factories in its founding town, EKA Knives was able to survive and thrive thanks to its high standards and focus on craftsmanship. The company has three basic requirements for a well-crafted knife: quality steel, proper hardening, and a sharp edge. After more than a century, it's safe to say EKA Knives has mastered how to make a well-crafted knife.

To sweeten the deal, we at Knife Depot offer a 60-day, money-back guarantee on all EKA Knives, so you're 100% happy with your purchase.

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By Bob P.
EKA Swede 92 Bubinga Folding Knife

A good looking knife with an interesting locking technique. Beautiful wood scales and a nicely polished stainless blade. While not a true "Scandi" grind, the edge strops up quickly with minimal effort. This knife also comes with a good quality black leather sheath. I awarded five stars because this is a decent knife for the price. Minor negative issues would be the sheath (has belt cut-outs vs. an independent loop) and the fact that is is not a true "Scandi" grind. Nice knife...Buy one!

I gave this knife 4 stars for the fact that the handle had a green discoloration on it. It would have been nice to receive a knife free of any imperfections. I do not hold Knife Depot responsible for this sort of defect since I would expect EKA to have done a better job on QC before the product left the factory. Overall the knife feels solid and came hair popping sharp. One thing I did appreciate was the price Knife Depot offered the Swede 10 in. Better deal than 90% of their competitors.

By Ed B.
EKA Swede 60 Bubinga Wood Handle Single Black Blade Pocket Knife

I've had several of these, but this is my first with the black carbon steel blade. These knives are substantial, with a very big and comfortable handle. The unique locking mechanism, with the release button near the front, makes it easy to close up the knife and put it away one-handed, which is more important for me than one handed opening. I haven't had the carbon blade under hard use long enough to know how it will hold up, but the stainless ones I've had in the past have always been first rate and I think this one will be good, too. The black finish itself I would generously describe as "utilitarian". It's not especially beautiful.