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Want an affordable knife that's not only well made but has years of history and tradition on its side? Pick up a Morakniv from Mora of Sweden. The family-owned business has a powerful reputation among the most diehard knife enthusiasts as a brand they can trust for top-quality bushcrafting knives. That's not even taking value into consideration either.

Mora of Sweden, which was formed in 2005 after Frosts Knivfabrik and KJ Eriksson merged, has made its name by manufacturing knives that combine traditional Swedish knifemaking methods passed down through the generations and technological advances. The result is a reliable tool that's backed by a lifetime warranty.

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Mora Knives Forest Lapplander 95
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Mora Knives Steak Knife Classic Gift Set
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Recent Reviews - Mora of Sweden Knives

love the knife

Knife has a nice edge, is light and fits my hand well. Good knife for the money. Downside - I put the knife away after using it around the ranch and the blade had significant rust/corrosion after 3 weeks! I hadn't used it for any wet work. I haven't been able to remove it yet, so I guess I'd think twice about buying again, despite the low price.

Good knife.....use it daily will buy more!!!

I bought this knife for cutting sod. Works great!

My son's outdoor class suggested this knife and I see why. Great knife. Note that the sheath grabs the knife pretty tightly when new, I only mention because my son gave himself a cut trying to get the knife out of the sheath once (not Mora's fault, he was holding it incorrectly).

This is the best knife I have owned. Light weight, no rusting, rubber grip, easy on/off belt clip.

This is the third Mora knife I have bought. They come razor sharp and hold their edge well. Because they have held up so well here in Alaska I got this one as a gift for a friend of mine. For the price and good quality I don't think you can beat any of the Mora knives.

I was shopping for a narrow tipped shorter knife that had was plenty limber for filleting panfish, this one was my second choice, to a Buck brand, only because the handle didn't fit my large hand and it seemed cheaper that the buck.