The undead are rising from their graves with a hunger for human flesh, and the world's infrastructure has collapsed. What should you do? Reach for your knife from Z-Hunter. These zombie-themed knives are the walking dead's worst nightmare. When those dead-eyed monsters see one of these knives from Z-Hunter, they'll be quivering in their fleshy, shuffling boots.

The knives, which range from assisted-opening stilettos to large machetes, are adorned with zombie decorations and biohazard medallions because if the world is going to collapse, you might as well have a cool-looking knife at your side.

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Z-Hunter 23.75" Machete - Red
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He really enjoyed getting them. He is my son-in-law and collects knives and these were definitely unique to him.

Excellent, high-quality, and better than expected.

The knife looks amazing, but the screws are weak and fall out within fifteen days.

The item not only looks cool, it did some serious damage to the fruit test we put it through. It went through all like a hot knife through butter... Plan to put it to some more rigorous testing (hacking through woods etc), but for now super happy with it.

By Carl S.
Zombie Hunting Stiletto Style Spring Assisted Open Pocket Knife

This is a fun knife. The blade snaps out quickly and locks in place very firmly. There is no play in the blade as far as "wiggle" when it is engaged. Solid knife, feels good in your hand. Bought one for myself and then purchased another as a gift.

This knife was amazing for the price it cost. My only problem with it is the rope handle on it. It is going to wear out and you're going to have to wrap it again but other than that this knife is amazing