All-Purpose/Utility Knives

All-Purpose/Utility Knives
Boker Damast Olive Viii Utility Kitchen Knife
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Boker Yadama III, Wood Handle
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Boker Damast Black Viii Utility Kitchen Knife
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Boker Damascus Olive II Utility Knife
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Ergo Chef 6" Utility Knife
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great knife it is used all the time extremely good to slice meat excellent all around chefs knife

By Barb L.
Boker Forge Utility Knife, Black Handle, 4 3/8in.

Extremely well balanced, well crafted, sensuously smooth and an absolute joy to use. The blade is razor sharp, handling tomatoes or tough meat with equal ease. The size is perfect for most of my kitchen cutting tasks. This has become my new go-to knife for just about everything. (The other 27 knives in my drawer are jealous!)

Nice basic bare bones working knife. Throw, cut, chop, slice, this knife is an inexpensive user. Will make my own sheath and carry for work around the house(wooded area, no close neighbors).

I have been using this knife for years, for the money it gets the job done. You have to clean and oil the knife before you put it up or it will rust. Love Old Hickory knives.

Best knife I own! I'm going to get another. It just feels right in your hand.

By Carolyn P.
Top Chef 5 inch Stainless Steel Utility Knife

This is by far the best knife I have ever owned. It is sharp and stays sharp! I use it for most everything in the kitchen, from cutting meats to chopping vegetables. I would definitely recommend this one for anyone who wants a good sharp anything knife.

By Wm H.
Victorinox Utility Knife, Wavy, White Nylon, 4 in.

I knew razor blades could be produced with this sharp an edge ... but kitchen knives? Well, Victorinox did it on that little paring knife.

By Frensel M.
Victorinox Utility, Red Nylon, 4 in.

The knife is very sharp and slices through vegetables like it is butter!