Peelers & Slicers

Peelers & Slicers

I've had one of these knives for 30 years and it still cuts well, and has never been sharpened, but it could use a good sharpening to bring it back to it's top performance.

Excellent performance and product. No difficulty slicing tomatoes, bread, or any food. Knife Depot gave outstanding customer service.

By Ron B.
Ontario Knife Company Canning Knife Stainless Steel

As a full time Taxidermist, I finds these knives exceptional. The steel is of a quality that sharpens easily and hold a razor sharp edge longer than any others I've used.

By Erika S.
Ontario 5136 430 Canning Knife, 3.5 Inch, Serrated (Stainless Steel)

The best knife ever. I use it for everything, couldn't live without one or two.

By Robert H.
Ontario 8'' Kitchen Slicing Knife

This suits my purposes readily.

By Michael M.
Messermeister Serrated Tomato Knife, Red, 4.25 in., Matching Sheath

Best knife in the drawer. Always sharp and easy to handle. Great for cutting tomatoes but equally useful for a wide variety of needs. It is cheap enough to have several, which is highly recommended.

By Lynnette F.
Messermeister Serrated Tomato Knife, Red, 4.25 in., Matching Sheath

I love this knife. Very sharp and makes slicing tomatoes a breeze. Bought one for home and one for the camper.

By Bob M.
Gunter Wilhelm 10inch Pointed Slicer

This knife is heavy but well balanced, comes razor sharp and is beautiful as well. The price for what you get is pretty much unbeatable, as far as I can tell.