Other Knife Accessories

Other Knife Accessories
Spyderco Whale Rescue Blade H-1
$129.99 $179.90
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The item is awesome, the price was 100% higher than the ones purchased on Amazon though.

The blades stay sharp for a long time on our farm. I use it all the time to cut twine off of equipment. I use it the most when I'm baling hay. I also use it to slice the plastic ditch when irrigating. I use my knife year around so it is not just farming. It is vary handy to just put in a new blade when one is needed.

Got these grips for my hellfire and my BK-2. Not only do they look great, the fit is excellent. Installation was really smooth,no problems. The grip is just so much better for wet conditions especially. Would highly recommend to everybody. Only problem is I wish they came in more colors.

It fits the war hawk and the trench hawk, inexpensive and well worth it.

What can I say about a lanyard. It gets the job done and hasnt failed me yet.

Fit and finish are nice, I thought they were white by the pics and ended up not using them.

Been wearing this knife for a couple of months. The handle makes it different to use, but don't get in way while sitting, holds a pretty good edge. All in all pretty good knife.

By Christa S.
Super Knife Rust Eraser Blister Pack

These little gadgets are a blessing, not only for knives, but for all kinds of steel and cast iron cookware. Surface rust just sides off with about the pressure you would use to get a pink rubber eraser to remove pencil marks from paper. In a household of kids, we have iron and steel left in the rain, put in the sink, and occasionally dropped in the toilet, so we have had ample opportunity to use these erasers to recover loss of items. We have never been disappointed.