Knife Sharpening Accessories

Knife Sharpening Accessories

Keeping your knife as sharp as possible when you use it every day is no easy task. That's why we have all the sharpening accessories you need to keep your blade keen. Our selection of honing oils, strops, polishing compounds and sharpening cases offer everything you need for easy and efficient sharpening.

Remember, all of our sharpening accessories are backed by a 60-day, money-back guarantee to ensure you're 100% satisfied.

Flexcut Gold Polishing Compound
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Boker Leather Strop for Straight Razors
$84.99 $99.95
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DMT Knife Clamp
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Victorinox Oil, Pint
Out of Stock
NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves-Pair
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DMT Crystal Saver 4" Diamond File
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Scissor Sharpener
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If you own a Lansky knife sharpening product, you must have on of these; makes sharpening your knives MUCH easier! Quality product.

Case knives and Case honing oil have been my only choice, as a hunter and trapper for over 60 years. Thanks for being there for me.

By Michael S.
Pocket Sized Sharp Pocket Knife Sharpener

I needed to replace my knife sharpener and found the exact replacement at your business. Good price and fast shipping and the precise product that I was searching for. Thanks!

By George T.
Shane's Cutting Edge DVD and Sharpening Stone

This is 4 stars for content and 3 stars for price. It has lots of good info and "how-to" for using a stone to properly sharpen knives and scissors, and the stone itself is first rate. So, maybe I should quit whining about money and just say that I'd recommend this "package deal".

The purchase was a Christmas gift for our son and he is pleased!

By Cheryl D.
Gerber Knives - Pocket Sharpener

This is a nice little sharpener that is handy for the kitchen as well as your pocket knives. It works well!

The replacement part was as advertised.

I used it on the stones I have and it worked really well! It keeps the stones clean and oiled. The knives got sharp easily using the oil. Thank you for your help in choosing the products. I'll keep you in mind the next purchase I make.

  • Types of Knife Sharpeners - There are four main tools to ensure your knife is sharp and pristine. Here is some information about each type of knife sharpening tool and its advantages.