Medieval Armor Replicas

Medieval Armor Replicas
Cold Steel Knives Viking Axe
$114.99 $185.00
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Gladiator Spike Helmet
$124.99 $156.38
Free Shipping
Master Cutlery Pantera
$32.49 $37.66
Lorica Segmentata Chest Guard
$144.99 $186.98
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Authentic Battle Ready Greaves Leg Armor Large
$149.99 $203.92
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Pig Face Bassinet Helmet
$79.99 $105.38
Museum Replicas "300" Greaves
$139.99 $190.00
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Lion Axe
$39.99 $45.82
Golden Knight Helmet
$114.99 $139.40
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Roman Centurian (Red) Helmet
$114.99 $144.42
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Night Stalker
$44.99 $50.98
King Helmet Full Size
$94.99 $130.88
Troy  Helmet
$59.99 $78.18
CAS Hanwei Hanwei - Date Masamune Kabuto & Mempo
$449.99 $649.00
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By Gabriela C.

The gauntlet is ok. The blades are closer together than what they seem on the pictures. When it was delivered it came with 3 of the skulls fallen off.

By Bob R.
Hitler Youth Knife - 10.5"

Now this knife is a perfect replica, not sharp, but again feels like stainless steel when I sharpened it. The emblem on the handle really sticks out nice!! The only problem I have with it is the scabbard the leather piece that snaps it closed the piece of leather that holds the snap is thin and flexible, that came from the belly of the cow. Watch saving Pvt. Ryan, it looks like the one they took off a dead German on top of the hill, in the ditch. it is a really neat looking knife.. well worth the money !!!

By Dood 1.
Iron Reaver Finger Claw-Blackend Silver

EPIC! I really wish you could buy a set of these in gloves or like 5-10 of them at once so you could be like scissor hands.

By Arellano A.

The Soldiers love it. It is our Company name. "Gladiators"

Good axe well built for China made. Assembly was easy.

The blade is very sharp and the haft is quality hardwood. I am very pleased with the axe in general however the assembly required to place the axe head onto the haft is challenging. If you fail to drill the hole's with exact precision the screw will strip out and not fit properly making it very frustrating to secure the axe head to the haft.

By Thea L.
United Cutlery God of War - Kratos Blade of Chaos

I bought this for my husband and he loved it!! Great quality, timely shipping, elegant stand for display. We were far from disappointed. I would recommend this product to any knife collector or fanatic!

Excellent product fast service I will buy again