Kukri Machetes

Kukri Machetes

The kukri machete excels at any task, whether you're chopping firewood, clearing brush, cutting up meat or trying to impress your friends. These long Nepalese knives have inwardly curved blades that don't diminish the functionality of the tool, but add to it. The curved blade creates an ideal chopping tool and the edge is great for more nuanced tasks.

In Nepal, the kukri remains the utility knife of choice, being used as often as an everyday pocket knife. At Knife Depot, we offer a range of kukri designs, ensuring that you can find the kurki that best fits your needs. For more information about kukris and other types of machetes, check out our comprehensive Machete Buying Guide.

Cold Steel Knives San Mai Gurkha Kukri Knife
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Schrade must have a Damn good quality control department because for a item that is Mass produced this Kukhri is very well made. Good Sharp ever which has held up quite well after putting it through some serious chopping. No dings, no Dents.

Been looking , for a while for this type of Knife. One great knife.

I Love the Khukuri Knife.It is from KA-BAR and Unique Style that been used by British Gorkha Army since 1940 Ist World War.

Have been looking for this knife for some time. Found it at a good price. It's everything I thought it would be. Sweet.

This knife is awesome thank you

The blade was well designed, the Kukri shape made it an interesting machete. The sheath that it came with was pretty awesome, including the extras. The edge has held up well but honing it helps create a sharper edge.

Very pleased. Just right for my garden.

When you open the box you see this huge blade, it will destroy any over grown jungle of a back yard, hold a good edge and is well balances and a joy to use. I use it to cut down bamboo that has gone feral and it does this with ease.