Kukri Machetes

The kukri machete excels at any task, whether you're chopping firewood, clearing brush, cutting up meat or trying to impress your friends. These long Nepalese knives have inwardly curved blades that don't diminish the functionality of the tool, but add to it. The curved blade creates an ideal chopping tool and the edge is great for more nuanced tasks.

In Nepal, the kukri remains the utility knife of choice, being used as often as an everyday pocket knife. At Knife Depot, we offer a range of kukri designs, ensuring that you can find the kurki that best fits your needs. For more information about kukris and other types of machetes, check out our comprehensive Machete Buying Guide.

Kukri Machetes
Cold Steel Knives Gurkha Kukri - Plain
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Fox Extreme Tactical Kukri Teflon Coated
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Cold Steel Knives San Mai Gurkha Kukri Knife
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The best machete ever. Love this for getting into coconuts. It came sharp but we were able to get it very sharp and it's kept it's edge through over 50 coconuts. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Holds an edge very well. I use an abrasive belt sharpener that leaves a curved edge. Full tang, and the handle is very well designed. Chops dry wood and splits kindling like a hatchet. Sheath is thick leather with 2 snaps. Blade is easy to slide in with one hand. No need to hold the straps out of the way. Works amazingly well for field dressing big game. Don't have to dull my small knife on joints of spend forever sawing through the pelvis. THANKS!!

The knife is a great tool to have when you need kilning for starting a fire and is great for clearing the hiking trail as you go.

Terrible burred edge in spots

Terrible burred edge in spots

The machete was more than expected. Service was great, will order again.

Reasonably well made and sturdy. My use will be for cutting brush around the yard and light firewood for the cabin. For what I want, it's just right.

Awesome quality