Lansky Knife Sharpeners

Lansky Knife Sharpeners

If you've got knives, a sharpener from the most recognized name in the business is essential. Lansky's knife sharpeners can tackle blades of all shapes and sizes: lawnmower blades, pocket knives, axes and more. From sharpening rods to stones to their famous dual-grit pucks, Lansky has something for every knife. You'll be able to find sharpeners that you can take on the road, sharpeners with multiple grit options, and a variety of styles that will keep your knives at 100%.

We love these sharpeners so much that we'll assure their quality with our special 60-day money-back guarantee!

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Excellent product, I keep mine by the couch and put it to good use while I'm watching re-runs of Gunsmoke. Not the best for field carry, but great for sharpening blades before you leave home.

Funky to say the Least. Actually I bought it just to get to Free Shipping. But it does do a pretty good job putting the edge on smaller knives.

I really like this knife , it is a collectors knife for sure

I debated buying this or the Spyderco system. I read some reviews, and it seems that there isn't much difference between the two, except pretty much the price. This is easy to use, stows well, and is a drastic improvement, for me, over sharpening freehand with a stone or using or 'prefab' sharpening "V" tools. In particular, I was having trouble sharpening my higher-end blades (Elmax, SV35, etc.). The steel's so hard that the prefab tools were not doing the job, and freehand it's hard to control the grind angle precisely enough to get the kind of result I want. No more. Use the grey (medium) rods first, then the white (fine). GREAT edge. And doing it is easy as (and remarkably similar to, in motion) slicing bread. I sharpened about 30 folding knives in about two hours, without rushing (3 at a time: 3 on the grey rods, switch to white, 3 on the white rods, on to the next 3). There's also a triangular rod with three different angles for serrated knives. It made a massive difference on the bread knife in the kitchen. Wow. Only one niggle: the rods are stowed under the bottom of the unit, but there's no guard or door over them. Given that ceramic rods can break if dropped on a hard surface, I put a couple of rubber bands around the thing when I stow it. Highly recommended.

If you own a Lansky knife sharpening product, you must have on of these; makes sharpening your knives MUCH easier! Quality product.

I like my diamond steel very much. I put my stones away and only use my steel.

By Todd C.
Lansky Sharpeners Kukri Machete, Gray Slip-Resistant Handle w/Nylon Sheath

It is everything it says it is, AND MORE! Must Have

I tried to find this sharpening stone in stores. They used to be everywhere.It's the best and easiest way to sharpen a knife for me. Took me about five minutes to get it sharp enough to shave with.