Machete Selection

Machete Selection
Bushcraft Machete
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Whether you're splitting coconuts or doing yard maintenance, a machete is a powerful tool to have on your side. This straight-blade knife is large enough to tackle woody brush yet small enough to wield easily. Choose a kukri machete and you'll also have the benefits a curved blade offers, including being a powerful weapon.

Buying your machete from Knife Depot also brings the benefit of working with a small, personal company that's standing by to assist with your machete purchase. Have questions about the different types of machetes? Give us a call, shoot us an email, or check out our exhaustive Machete Buying Guide to learn everything you ever wanted to know about machetes.

This is the best machete if you're are interested in cutting through thick brush. I've used it all across South Carolina: mostly through the swamps and lowcounty areas. It rocks.

Have been looking for this knife for some time. Found it at a good price. It's everything I thought it would be. Sweet.

I needed a blade that I can use to practice my martial arts with but can double as a practical tool. The Cold Steel 2-handed Latin machete works great. I love the sturdiness and balance.

This knife is awesome thank you

The blade was well designed, the Kukri shape made it an interesting machete. The sheath that it came with was pretty awesome, including the extras. The edge has held up well but honing it helps create a sharper edge.

Very pleased. Just right for my garden.

By Rosemary P.
United Cutlery Jungle Hunter Machete

I loved it trying to order more knifes I enjoy quality of every knife I have seen and what I purchased thank you very much

I got carried away processing wood and broke our family tool. Didn't want the std K-bar, so after some research, I chose the Mah-chete. Day after UPS dropped it off, I went back to the same wood that broke my previous tool. I chopped, hacked, made kindling. It was excellent in every way. Chopped like my Estwing. Batoned my way through several 5-7" pieces of maple with ease. Wood just flies apart. My only complaint is that I would have had a rougher texture on the handel. Maybe cryton/zytel. After a day of hacking, just had to touch-up the edge a little.

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