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Whether you're splitting coconuts or doing yard maintenance, a machete is a powerful tool to have on your side. This straight-blade knife is large enough to tackle woody brush yet small enough to wield easily. Choose a kukri machete and you'll also have the benefits a curved blade offers, including being a powerful weapon.

Buying your machete from Knife Depot also brings the benefit of working with a small, personal company that's standing by to assist with your machete purchase. Have questions about the different types of machetes? Give us a call, shoot us an email, or check out our exhaustive Machete Buying Guide to learn everything you ever wanted to know about machetes.

Machete Selection
Bushcraft Machete
$119.99 $155.50
Free Shipping
Cold Steel 17" Gurkha Kukri Plus Machete
$239.99 $330.00
Free Shipping

It is everything it says it is, AND MORE! Must Have

Really nice and sturdy work. Good materials and balance. Only thing I would have liked is for it to have a sharper edge on it.

The item not only looks cool, it did some serious damage to the fruit test we put it through. It went through all like a hot knife through butter... Plan to put it to some more rigorous testing (hacking through woods etc), but for now super happy with it.


The good: A solid chunk of steel, though I've not put it through it's paces, the blade should prove to be durable. Cold steel never skimps on the metal. The strap ring hole at the butt of the handle is a good addition. The handle material has a good grip to it. The sheath is secure and has a decent build as well, although I probably would prefer a leather material. I like the finger guard design, which also acts as a stopper on the sheath. The bad: The blade has a rough polish; and the spine is very flat with a sharp hard angle. While the flatness provides good hammering surface and the sturdiest possible spine by virtue of thickness, the sharp corner will eat into anything that strikes it. Then entire blade is very flat, more reminding of a primitive chopping tool than the traditional Kukri. Perhaps this is intended for the survivalist crowd, who seek a basic yet solid chunk of steel to bang around, or just to cut costs. Overall, and for the price of this knife, I would expect higher craftsmanship in the blade profiling and finish. Also, I was a little disappointed with the factory edge sharpness. I own two other Cold Steel knives, and both came much sharper than this one. I think it's a very good knife in the sturdiness department, but slightly overpriced for what it really offers in the end.

Not sure why I bought, but glad I did, you just feel like " playing " with it, anyway well made, handles well

Pock marks and rust, not used and indoors

This is one heck of a knife. The blade is made with great strength steel to take any abuse you dish out. The edge is sharp and easy to keep that way. I highly recommend this Ontario knife Kukri to anyone that wants a quality product.

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