Woodman's Pal Machete Selection

Woodman's Pal Machete Selection

Good old American quality. Very useful tool. Very good price as well.

Excellent machete, in line with what I expected and what was lacking. Upside: good steel, good weight distribution, good feel and flow when using. Love the Kukri-esk design because I didn't want the full angle of a true Kukri. Minor downside: the edge from the factory needed filing to achieve the geometry and sharpness I wanted. I needed to learn to sharpen a machete anyway since the edge needs to be maintained. I'm going to get one for my brother...

I have had. I thing but the best from this knife it will never fail you is waited very well and is very comfortable in the hand

It arrived in a timely manner and well packaged It was in perfect shape upon inspection.The weight was good and well balanced felt good in my hand. This will be a beautiful Christmas gift for our grandson for camping and his collection.

Thus is a well balanced heavy duty machete that is great for bushcraft, camping, or anytime you need to process smaller diameters of wood. Much lighter to carry than a traditional axe. Love the hand guard. Made in the USA and a simply outstanding value. Easily worth double the price.

Schrade must have a Damn good quality control department because for a item that is Mass produced this Kukhri is very well made. Good Sharp ever which has held up quite well after putting it through some serious chopping. No dings, no Dents.

Been looking , for a while for this type of Knife. One great knife.

Love it ! It's part of my end of the world kit chopped through a 6 inch thick Oak tree in 13 chops

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