Made in the USA Knives

These days, finding a tried-and-true American knife can be a daunting prospect. So due to popular demand, we're sorting the best quality "Made in the USA" knives into a separate category for your benefit! Our American knife collection includes pocket knives, hunting knives, machetes, utility knives, and more. If you've only experienced cheaply constructed knives from our friends overseas, get ready to treat yourself to a new world of American reliability and quality.

Made in the USA Knives

The Silver Stag Big Bowie is a beautiful knife. As a collector, I know a quality knife when I see one. I only have one issue with this knife. The metal snap on the side of the sheath scratches the blade when removing or inserting the knife. The scratches were on the knife when I received it. A knife of this quality should have a sheath that totally protects the blade...

Good pricing Knife Depot, though the savings is exaggerated. Cabela's everyday price is $70.00 and ships free. Great knife but could benefit broader shank in the handle.

This bigger knife is comfortable and sturdy. My one complaint (if it matters) is I'd prefer if the pocket clip was on the hinge side instead of the the opposite.

Already wrote one review, but forgot to add something. This knife would be perfect if the handle was a little less flat. I realize it is a trade off between portability and grip power. If the handle profile was closer to a KABAR handle, this knife would be a real gem. It would make for a more confident grip under combat applications. This may be a personal preference, however. This is a great knife for the price of entry.

The 4 stars is with the caveat that I have not had a chance to use it in the field yet. If it proves durable, then the 5th star is warranted. Good build overall. The knife, grip, and sheath system seem reliable. The sheath can be configured to attach to your body a number of ways. Great for military applications. The factory edge is very nice; I have nothing bad to say about the knife and it's build, and ergonomics. The sheath has a pressure release system that you can thumb down fairly quietly to pull out the blade. The full tang blade has a good heft to it and probably will not break under duress. I can't comment on how well the edge keeps at this point.

Yes, it's expensive. And, yes, it FEELS expensive. In one word: solid. Closed, it feels like it was carved out of a single block. Open, the blade is locked in place with no wobble.The way the handle parts when the hinge-area buttons are pressed is cool.