Woodman's Pal Made in the USA Knives

Woodman's Pal Made in the USA Knives

Very nice smooth assisted opening knife. Perfect pocket knife that holds an razor sharp edge, very easy to clean because of the skeleton design. Rate this knife 5 star hands down. Bought both my son and laws one for Christmas and they love it.

I bought this knife for my boyfriend and he absolutely loves it! Great blade, super sharp. Definitely worth the buy!

Good old American quality. Very useful tool. Very good price as well.

This was a gift to my son who has a collection. He really liked the quality and didn't have a small game knife up 'til then.

I have taken well over a hundred deer in my lifetime not to mention many elk and antelope too. This Buck field dressing kit is far and away the best assortment of tools i have ever used to get the job done. From the sleek case it comes in to the precision of each knife this set needs no tweaking. I highly recommend it and have given many sets out to my friends who all enjoy them as much as i do!

So nice to see something made in the USA!

Knife seems well made blade is sharp, case is sturdy. Knife is with my son on deployment I'm going to buy one for myself I liked the knife that much