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The user of a knife by Mantis Knives isn't a conformist; rather, he or she isn't afraid to make a radical statement and embrace everything that is new and innovative. Mantis products are all of that and more, with sleek karambit designs, daggers, tactical knives and folding knives that feature exciting designs and materials. Their knives defy categories, just like you.

When you purchase a Mantis knife, you'll automatically receive our 60-day money-back guarantee. We know you love taking risks, but we insist on giving you as much reassurance as possible.

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Wonderful combination of technologies, Balisong handle and Karambit blade. The knife is a mechanical marvel and so very perfect for self defense. Very hard to take away from the wielder, which is why I purchased it. It is for self defense for a female who wanted a knife, but something another could not easily get away from them. This thing can be used in so many ways from controlling another's limb to pretty instant lethality.

By Sergio G.
Mantis MK-3vXb Encore Karambit Knife, 2" Blade, Stainless Steel Handle

Great little karambit. Love this knife.

My #1 EDC knife I take it everywhere.

By Isaiah B.
Mantis Vuja De, Black G-10 Handle, Plain

The best mantis karambit for edc or tactical or when your bored.

Very good knife, great service and early delivery.

By Megan L.
Mantis Wile E Folder, MT9D

I love this knife. I researched it on multiple sites and even watched You Tube videos. This knife appears to be loved by all. It arrived super sharp. It has two bolsters. The company also makes the same knife with one bolster to reduce the weight. Taking one out also reduces the strength of the knife, so I was perfectly satisfied to have them both. Bonus, Knife Depot sends you a tracking number for your order so you can watch it as it heads your way.

The knife itself seems pretty well designed and it came with a pleasingly sharp edge. I only gave it 3 stars because it is difficult to wear on a belt comfortably. The handle edge is just sharp enough to be very unpleasant as it sit at the perfect height to dig into the stomach or side. The sheath holds the knife pretty well, but is clearly not designed to stay securely in place during a lot of movement on the part of the wearer. Still, not a bad knife by any means.

By Scott V.
Mantis Classier Act

Slick looking extremely sharp!!