Modern Japanese blades like the ones crafted by Masahiro Knives have legions of fans, and for good reason. These blades are specially shaped to achieve smooth action and precise cutting, which are essential in serious kitchens. As a whole, Masahiro's knives represent a perfect marriage of well-balanced designs and incredibly sharpened steel.

Ready to upgrade your kitchen, but not sure where to start? Give our customer service team a call, and they'll help you figure out which of these gorgeous Japanese knives will work best for you.

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Masahiro Damascus Sword of the Serpent
$109.99 $139.00
Free Shipping
Masahiro Handmade Red Blade Spring Steel Sword
$124.99 $168.66
Free Shipping
Masahiro Midnight Tanto
$46.49 $61.98
Masahiro Damascus Samurai Battle Sword
$109.99 $142.12
Free Shipping
Masahiro Great Wave Ninja
$84.99 $119.90
Masahiro Handforged 1st Gen Highlander
$57.49 $80.32
Out of Stock
Masahiro Handforged Highlander Sword
$49.99 $65.00
Out of Stock
Masahiro Musashi Katana
$63.49 $87.50
Out of Stock
Masahiro Masahiro - Handmade Sword - White
$114.99 $149.90
Free Shipping
Out of Stock

Recent Reviews - Masahiro

By Steven S.
Masahiro Handforged Highlander Sword

Very nice for the Highlander fan. The blade is sharp and spine is thick. I do recommend it.

By John C.
Masahiro Bamboo Katana

The fittings were a little loose,but easily fixed.overall quality of the sword is good. I decide to take a ceramic sharpening tool to it and it got razor sharp very easily. I can actually shave hair off my arm with it.

Sword is very clunky and heavy. The dragon engraving on the side is kind of dinky, looks like a mess of dings and not so much like an engraving. Some kind of waxy residue is caked on the inside of the scabbard so keeping the blade clean is very difficult.

By Billy D.
Masahiro Hand Forged Katana - Brown - 43" Overall

Very happy with the katana I purchased. It is my first one I purchased here in states. It is a very good price for a katana, considering on getting one made in japan by a sword smith usually runs 5,000 and up. This katana is very nice looking and very accurate on the weight and feel of katana. Has a very good edge also.