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Master Cutlery

Have a fantasy in need of fulfillment? Master Cutlery's collection of fantasy gear, officially licensed movie replicas and swords are just the thing to complete the picture. The hottest action film knives and swords have been reproduced to 100% accuracy, making them perfect for themed photoshoots and decoration. But before you assume that Master Cutlery knives are all for entertainment, check out their officially licensed Top Chef culinary knives, which are worthy to be used in every top chef's kitchen. That is to say, every one of their knives, while fun to look at, can take some punishment, too.

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Master Cutlery Pantera
$32.49 $37.66
Master Cutlery Kill Bill - Handmade Bills Sword
$109.99 $140.00
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Recent Reviews - Master Cutlery

My daughter loved this gift! Definitely the place to buy quality knives!

Great knives, the color will come off if you care about that but otherwise my only complaint is I wish they came sharpened.

Solid knife. I was a bit skeptical at first, however, I'm a fan. It doesn't smudge up (finger prints) as much as I thought it would and when it does, it wipes pretty clean. It's a great looker as well with the 3.75inc blade and all the details. I haven't used it as a daily blade, but I have carved some wood and no scratches.

Very nice knife! Sharp and great for hiking, camping and backpacking!

Very happy with purchase,beautiful knife. Well balanced,and crafted.

Badass. Nice edge. Feels good in the hands

The blade is sharp, overall looks nice. However the photos are very misleading and attention should be paid to the specifications. This knife is not nearly as orange as it looks in the photos.

I trust this knife. There's no play in the blade, and I like the grind (no bevel at the top). The handle is put together with three different mounting spacers adding to the strength. With all metal construction it's a little heavy, but fells strong, and solid. It's big, and the two tones look very attractive.