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Have a fantasy in need of fulfillment? Master Cutlery's collection of fantasy gear, officially licensed movie replicas and swords are just the thing to complete the picture. The hottest action film knives and swords have been reproduced to 100% accuracy, making them perfect for themed photoshoots and decoration. But before you assume that Master Cutlery knives are all for entertainment, check out their officially licensed Top Chef culinary knives, which are worthy to be used in every top chef's kitchen. That is to say, every one of their knives, while fun to look at, can take some punishment, too.

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Master Cutlery Kill Bill - Handmade Bills Sword
$107.49 $140.00
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It is an amazing knife!! I used it for a while before I had to sharpen it. The only problem I have is that one day I stupidly threw it and tried to stick it in a tree but it hit the butt of the handle, and now the handle is loose, so don't throw your knife. Overall it is an amazing knife.

By Colin M.
Master Cutlery Top Chef 9 Piece Cutlery Set

This is very good workmanship, best of its own kind.

A very sturdy knife with a decent sheath, my only problem is the position of the compass, it is right on the bottom facing outwards, which is good because you can look at your side instead of having to unscrew it or pull out a compass, the survival kit is packed, but I suggest you wrap a small twig in about a foot of fishing line and putting it in the spring in the handle. Would rate 8, but it only goes to 5

By Joe M.
Master Cutlery Fighter Survivor Camouflage Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

tuff. tuff. tuff... took it to the bush, cut down a tree and stated a blind. not just a knife but a tuff, tuff tool.

By Alton R.
Master Cutlery Rambo II Non-Signature Edition Survival Rambo Knife

I tried to get the blade to loosen, by applying pressure from four sides . It stayed straight . I don't recommend chopping down a tree with it . But I believe you could field dress a deer. Could go to your door to greet some unwanted guest? But I'm not suggesting it, but it is a scary looking weapon.

By Alton R.
Master Cutlery Rambo II Non-Signature Edition Survival Rambo Knife

The knife is a Copey,But built well, compass work well. I measured inside the handle and found a 3/4 inch peace of steel holding the guard. The peace of steal is 3/4 by 1/4 inch up in the 1/2 "steal insert. In my opinion the knife is a keep sake. But I believe you could gut a dear with it or let your wife cut up steaks and chicken, But I am going to build a glass case for it, and hang on wall, the knife came in perfect condition.

By Chris V.
Master Cutlery The Alamo Bowie Knife,Wood Handle, Plain

A really nice knife, feels good in the hand not to heavy. The best words for it is WICKED.

Nice rack to hold swords.easy to assemble.