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Improve your odds in the wild outdoors with specialty gear for spelunkers, climbers and divers by McNett. Developed by outdoorsmen for outdoorsmen, McNett's survival knives and gear are chock full of features that can help you out of pretty much any situation the wilderness can throw at you. Their knives are built to be taken outdoors, with lightweight balancing, great edge retention, and easy-to-clean designs.

We want you to be confident and excited about buying survival gear from us. That's why every McNett product comes with our 100% money-back guarantee, which is active for the first 60 days after your purchase.

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Perfect fishing knife (with line cutter) at a reasonable price. Great service/prompt delivery

This item will be great for the purpose that I purchased it for.

This knife is nicely balanced, slim, and has a good weight. The scabbard is well designed for a number of different carry styles. Removing the handle for cleaning is easy if you have a flat screwdriver or other prying tool. The combination of straight and serrated edges makes it versatile for a variety of tasks, though it's not suited to fine woodworking.

By Doc S.
McNett Saturna Blunt Tip Dive Knife with Sheath

It's great! Great value for the money, but also, I am completely satisfied with it

It's perfect for my safety, when I have a fish on the line that could be twice my size or larger and it decides to take control of the situation I can cut myself free from the line and we can both live to fight another day.

It's well made and a good value for the price.

Very nice knife, sits up a little high and it is a little hard to get out of the sheath. But I like it. Easy to conceal.

Bought this knife with the idea as using it as a close quarters defensive weapon. Tried using the belt clip but found it hides better and is more comfortable in front left pocket.