Meat Cleavers

Meat Cleavers

Hack through chicken, beef, pork or the meat of your choosing with our heavy-duty meat cleavers. Our meat cleavers will not only slice through bones and skin, but they’re also great for chopping up vegetables like radish, carrot, cucumber and others.  We carry Western-style meat cleavers and Asian-style cleavers, so you have maximum options when it comes to cutting and slicing in the kitchen.

And remember, all of our meat cleavers come with a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.

Victorinox 7-Piece Field Butcher Dressing Kit
$144.99 $190.00
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It Worked okay. I needed one with more weight. Price was great.

i was happy with the entire experience. cleaver is heavier than i prefer, but that was a problem i created in my selection process. i will buy from Knife Depot again.

very sharp, and heavy

This is a beast, great for breaking down wild game for processing

Excellent tool. Sharp, perfect weight and balance. Handle feels good.

Never realized how much I would like this knife. I seem to be using it all the time now.

Nice, heavy blade and beautifully-made handle, my wife loves this cleaver! As soon as she saw it on the website she said "That's the one, order it!" With 35 years of European culinary experience, she knows what she is talking about, and this cleaver was EXACTLY what she was looking for. Quality workmanship and a nice, sharp heavy blade that chops through lamb bones like nobody's business. You will not be disappointed!

Knife looked used or not carefully crafted. Sloppy sharpening and made in the USA. I thought Victorinox was swiss made. None the less, very sharp, heavy and great for hacking.

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