Mercer Cutlery

Mercer Cutlery

Odds are you'll be able to find a Mercer in nearly every restaurant kitchen in America. Their brand is beloved in the restaurant world, a fact which has made them a bestseller among professional chefs and cooks for more than 30 years. For the first time, Mercer's commercial-grade kitchen cutlery has been made available for everyday consumers who want restaurant-quality tools in their home kitchens.

If you're new to the high-end kitchen knife world, you can take advantage of our dedicated personal service team, who can help you find the best knife for your needs. We'll even throw in a 60-day money-back guarantee for every knife you buy, so you can have total confidence in your pick.

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Knife was awesome quality, was a little disappointed in the size of the logo imprinted on the knife, it was a little small, thought it would be bigger. Other than that, the clients I gave them to really liked them. Next time I will request a larger logo.

This cleaver works well. It has sharp edge and slighted rounder cutting surface to make chopping easier.

Great addition to my knife kit and has help elevate my abilities in the kitchen. As a culinary student it is important to use the right equipment and this knife is it!

This is a great quick knife for a even better price that although doesn't have the feel and heft of the forged version is a comfortable knife to work with on the long haul, without the fear of losing a great deal of money.

I love this knife it is a great working knife that has a super feel to it. If you've spent any amount of time working with knifes You'll appreciate using this knife.

I know I just ordered one spreader knife, but I could not find one anywhere. I absolutely love it. I use it everyday and it seems to be good quality.

Love it, works beautifully. No sawing involved it cuts threw bread like butter.

It was quick and easy to order. I was replacing one that was stolen out of my kit. Thank you for being available.

About Mercer Cutlery

Mercer Cutlery

Mercer--a company name highly regarded in the culinary trade--is synonymous with quality, professional cutlery. A leader in the commercial market for more than 30 years, and the predominant supplier to more than 90% of culinary academies in North America, Mercer brings you the finest tools used by the industry.

World renowned commercially, Mercer historically supplied culinary education and professional chefs who have come to rely on the company for its distinct product offerings. Working closely with chef educators, chefs, and the leaders in this industry, Mercer constantly develops and expands its product lines to fulfill their needs. As the trend in the culinary arts continues to gain popularity, Mercer's new product offerings have allowed the company to expand its brand from the broadening professional base and to crossover into the consumer market. The ever-more-sophisticated home consumers are seeking those products used by the professionals. With a growing business in retail cutlery through gourmet, specialty, and department stores, Mercer's products are squarely positioned as high quality professional grade, but with a distinct value advantage.

The hallmark of Mercer's cutlery: exceptional quality in materials, unique design, and dedicated craftsmanship, honed to the exacting performance needs of the discriminating chef makes our products the undeniable choice for the professional and the enthusiast. Mercer is committed to delivering products and services that you can build on and grow with.

Mercer Cutlery is a division of Mercer Tool Corp. This third generation family business which began as a small industrial company has evolved into a corporation with two distinct product ranges: Mercer Abrasives, the original industrial division offering bonded abrasives, coated abrasives and related products; and Mercer Cutlery, offering professional quality culinary tools and sets.

Today, Mercer's corporate commitment is summarized in these five words: Quality, Performance, Delivery, Service, and Price. The company will continue to offer products people know, use, and trust.