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MTech Knives

Brought to you by Master Cutlery, MTech is a compact tactical knife line that is great for newbies to the wild world of survival knives. Master Cutlery is known for their fantasy knives, and they bring a similar design outlook to their intimidating tactical knives. Their switchblades, butterfly knives, folding knives and fixed blade knives are all affordable, yet come with the same quality guarantee as the rest of Master Cutlery's well-established catalog.

Every MTech knife that you purchase through Knife Depot comes complete with our 100% money-back guarantee, which will cover you for the first 60 days after your purchase.

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Recent Reviews - MTech Knives

Nice ,fast, and affordable. Great knife.

I bought this knife as a present for a friend. He really enjoyed his gift and I also bought one for myself.

Love it

By David H.
Mtech Ballistic Rainbow Folder,MT-A841BK

Love it own a lot of knifes parkers an gills well made ,adjusted it works perfectly love my sister she always makes my birthday the best

My knife is awesome. I have showed it off a time or two and everyone of my buds were impressed also. The carrying case was broke on arrival. That is a bummer!

By Mike R.
MTech Xtreme Desert Camo Tactical Knife with Tanto Blade

This knife looks awesome, haven't had the chance to put it to the test yet but I will. Quality built and looks solid, it will undergo same test as KABAR, SOG, CRKT, and Smith and Wesson knives in my gear to become a part of the team.

By Eric T.
MTech Xtreme Desert Camo Tactical Knife with Tanto Blade

I'm a big fan of MTech blades. Their Xtreme series are a great set of reliable survival knives at a great budget price. One of the best parts of these blades are the sheaths! Most low end budget knives come with useless nylon sheaths, but the Mtechs come with very well made nylon sheath systems that have extra cord for tying down and lashing to packs and the best part, a nice pouch that's large enough to put a FULL SIZED Almonds tin in! This makes a huge difference in what you can outfit your blade with and how long it can help keep you alive. If you're just getting into knife collecting or Bushcraft, or prepping, then MTech is a perfect way to start. Then, once you learn about Schrade and other brands, your knowledge will grow as will your collection.

By Rey G.
MTech Xtreme Desert Camo Tactical Knife with Tanto Blade

I love it with the exception that the dips the handle have hurt the hand. But other than that it is a great tool to have.