Schrade Multi-Tools

Schrade Multi-Tools

My wife had a swiss army knife that she only ever used for the scissors. She lost track of it earlier this year so I got her the green (her favorite color) Micra for Christmas. She absolutely loves it, scissors are far superior to the old knife and it's compact enough she can keep it on her key ring so it won't get lost. Docked a star because the knife is "too small" in her opinion, but that's just the way things are and now she wants a proper pocket knife, so maybe it's not a bad thing after all!

Absolutely great. I have always liked Gerber and this one is no different. Also great service from Knife Depot and fast.

Great tool, very sturdy.

This multi tool is surprisingly Sturdy, Light weight and totally worth value. It's bigger than your average Leatherman or gerber; feels just as sturdy and actually out performs them as well. I own all three and what makes me feel more comfortable to me; is this tool is has a meatier feel while basically feeling like the same weight, it has bigger blades; more functional. The holster is durable

Good tool, very useful when on the line or teaching. Would have given 5 stars, but the overall quality was a little lacking. Service was great, shipping was right on time.

I have carried one of these on the job for over 20 years! What a great tool! I can't imagine not having it.

This is my third Schrade multi-tool and I am afraid they have made some changes which are not improvements. The Phillips head screwdriver (which I use a lot) has been redesigned in a manner that reduces its grip on screws. Closing up the tool requires more effort but perhaps this issue will go away when it is broken in. Other wise I find this a very handy tool to carry around.