Schrade Multi-Tools

Schrade Multi-Tools

Great tool in a small package. I keep it in my truck. Used for hunting, emergencies on the road, cutting, and handy for most anything. I have purchased three of them over the years as gifts to friends. SOG can't be beat for durability and function.

This is my second one. Nuff said.

This is my first multi-tool purchase, not counting a few swiss army knives. We just moved and all my tools are in boxes somewhere but I needed some tools and this item has filled the bill nicely. The item is exactly as advertised.

I have had this multi tool 800 Gerber for over 15 years I wear every day and use every best tool on planet

By Dikran M.
Victorinox SwissTool RS Nylon Pouch

The Victorinox Swiss Tool RS Nylon Pouch is a high quality multi-tool .It is the best multi-tool I now own. I am considering buying another one.

By Butch D.
Gerber Steady Tripod Multi-Tool

I've had the Gerber steady multi tool for 4 years know and it's the best knife or multi tool I've ever had. The only thing wrong is the Velcro on the case won't stay closed. I need to find a case bad because I use this tool just about ever day for the last 4 years.

By Steve W.
Gerber Tool Kit w/ Sheath Fits 600 & 400 Gerber

Got this to go with my Gerber 600 that I use at work every day. Great pair of tools for all the stuff that pops up.

Tough and well made! I use it at work every day.