Neck Knives

Whether you’re out in the wild or working at home, neck knives are useful and accessible tools to carry. These burly knives are usually tied around the neck with a chord or lanyard, making them easily accessible while hunting, fishing or hiking.  Neck knives are typically hunting knives or survival knives and come with serrated and plain-edge blades.  They make a great gift for the outdoorsman who’s always on the go.

All of our neck knives come with a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.

Neck Knives
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Cold Steel Dagger
Entrek Lynx Knife
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By Dale A.

Purchased for a friend that is a police officer. I was very impressed with the quality and sharpness of the blade. It's my hope he never has to use it but if he does I wanted him to have the best!

Bought the knife for my wife, she is well pleased with it. Service was prompt.

5 stars excellent neck knife!!

Excellent CQC slasher. 3/8" thick at widest point. I think of it as a serrated eagle claw. 4-triple set aggressive teeth short separation then tip is 15 degree razor. Teeth proportioned correctly for short bladed knife. All my sharpening rods were too wide for the narrower teethset. I wanted a shorter tooth for an all-around cutter on rope and plastic strapping. Once I gently shortened the teeth I had the best of slashing and cutting. Great little knife for the intended use. Well made. Good molded handle and sheath. It looks wicked, no toy here!! Buy more than one, for your mate.

By Tracey H.

I bought this knife to wear if I go running early for in the morning when it's dark or if I'm running somewhere where there aren't alot of people around. I had to shorten the necklace. It is extremely sharp. I hope I never have to use it, but if I do it will definitely serve the purpose.

Well for one it is easy to carry, I have had other items but some were bulky, but good when I go diving and helping a mate with fishing. But excellent item thank you.

I got this for my special man to replace one that he lost. Omg he loves it! Always at the ready, and he especially likes how it can be concealed so easily. You can't even see this knife under a t shirt, which is perfect for stealth and all kinds of outdoor needs. A great sticker if it comes to it.

Very happy with my purchase and service. I was online looking at the Cold Steel push knife but it only had one photo of the knife and I wanted to see a picture of the sheath. I called Knife Depot and while online with customer service she added another photo. She asked me to refresh my page and it showed up. After being on the phone twice recently with Comcast and Amazon's customer service in the Philippines (over an hour with Comcast) that was just amazing to me. Can't explain how nice and refreshing that was.

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