Neck Knives

Neck Knives
Mantis Cyclops - Black
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Whether you’re out in the wild or working at home, neck knives are useful and accessible tools to carry. These burly knives are usually tied around the neck with a chord or lanyard, making them easily accessible while hunting, fishing or hiking.  Neck knives are typically hunting knives or survival knives and come with serrated and plain-edge blades.  They make a great gift for the outdoorsman who’s always on the go.

All of our neck knives come with a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.

Love it

Good solid knife. Holds a good edge. I carry this knife every day. I think every one should have this knife. Easy to open with 1 hand. It's still going strong after a year of hard work. I'm going to buy another one not because I need a new one my old works as good as the day I got it. But if I was to loose it I don't think I could function with out it.

This item would also work very well as a "gut hook" for dressing large game, without cutting into the internal organs. I would purchase it, but I already have a gut hook skinning knife.

By Joe B.
Cold Steel 43XLS Urban Edge Push Dagger, Combo Edge

I would like it to be more concealable.

seems to be a pretty good little knife, been carried it for over a month . have only used it for cutting tape on boxes sharped it this morning seems to hold an edge .

By Sylvia F.
Cold Steel 43XLS Urban Edge Push Dagger, Combo Edge

I purchased this item to wear around my neck when I walk my small dog. I have to walk past a home where there are pit bulls. I am not sure if I can protect him in case they decide to attack him but I feel a lot safer with this weapon than without it.

By Mark M.
Cold Steel 43XLS Urban Edge Push Dagger, Combo Edge

Awesome. I consider same my Life-Lock mechanism, much like when those who need help, press a button on a neck chain Here, help is at hand.

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