Gerber Neck Knives

Gerber Neck Knives

The perfect small knife for me, but those with thick fingers may not think so.

Very comfortable goes un noticed using it for protection or gutting something to put over a fire or whittle a wistle this neck knife is a 10+

I bought this knife as a present for a friend. He really enjoyed his gift and I also bought one for myself.

Love it

Loved it so much going to order a few more!

Good solid knife. Holds a good edge. I carry this knife every day. I think every one should have this knife. Easy to open with 1 hand. It's still going strong after a year of hard work. I'm going to buy another one not because I need a new one my old works as good as the day I got it. But if I was to loose it I don't think I could function with out it.

This item would also work very well as a "gut hook" for dressing large game, without cutting into the internal organs. I would purchase it, but I already have a gut hook skinning knife.

I bought this for a female friend for self defense. The Karambit style is excellent for stealth defense and the handle size is excellent for the girl's hand.

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