OKC Knives from Ontario Knife Company

OKC Knives from Ontario Knife Company

The Ontario Knife Company is one of the most trusted brands in the knife industry, offering top-quality rescue folders, machetes, kitchen cutlery and more. Founded in Naples, New York in 1889, the company came from humble beginnings; early knives were manufactured on a water-powered grindstone and sold from a pushcart. Today, the Ontario Knife Company is known for its famous "Old Hickory" kitchen cutlery, its industrial and agricultural products and its high standards of craftsmanship.

And remember, all Ontario knives, like every product we sell at Knife Depot, are backed with a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.

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Ontario Knife (OKC) Blackbird SK-5 Survival Knife
$154.99 $217.84
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one of the poster said that he does not like the "handle", absolutely incorrect. I bought this knife and about to buy a second one. The reason I like this knife its the handle is well design. Here is why: 1. handle is rectangle shape and flat 2. handle has a flat bottom 3. handle has a hole for string attachment. This handle is the ideal shape for converting this knife into a spear by cutting the wood stick on one end half "L-Shape" , now you could fit the L-Shape easily with this knife handle.

The Rat1 is just a badass edc. I can't believe the quality of my Rat1. In fact I tore mine down to clean it up and i lost 1 of the silicone rings. I was seriously bummed. So I called okc and I was greeted by a super nice lady that was more than happy to send me out 2 of the silicone rings i needed. Absolutely best customer service and knife company. Customer for life

kept hearing and seeing about this knife everywhere. wanted one for a while, went on sale-----mine! glad I did, I love this thing. my new EDC!

When I gave this knife to my wife she just loved it, I thought is was well made and very sharp.

Had the knife for several weeks and it is a solid performer! Really like how it handles,great hand feel and sharp.

By Gary R.
Ontario Knife Company (OKC) ARK- Automatic Rescue Knife

The knife is very well-made and extremely robust. It's a shame that it's not very well known. Anybody that might need an emergency rescue KNIFE this is the one it is no joke KNIFE as I said before it is very very robust.

Super fast easy high quality open assist, I love how smooth and quick it is. I have the dark blade and high shine blade. Both are perfect and for this price you can't go wrong. It just feels right n your hand. No disappointments on this.

This is one heck of a knife. The blade is made with great strength steel to take any abuse you dish out. The edge is sharp and easy to keep that way. I highly recommend this Ontario knife Kukri to anyone that wants a quality product.

About Ontario Knife Company (OKC)

OKC Knives from Ontario Knife Company

Situated in New York State's scenic Southern Tier, Ontario Knife Company produces one of the most comprehensive, wide-ranging product lines in the cutlery industry today. Ontario has built its reputation on a heritage of uncompromising craftsmanship, quality materials and components . . . and a steadfast commitment to its workforce. Ontario's products routinely deliver the most cherished attributes of PERFORMANCE and VALUE . . . all at affordable prices!

In addition to being a major supplier to the U.S. Government, OKC teams up with a nationwide network of distributors/dealers to market its products to many diverse consumer and niche markets. Worldwide sales activity encompasses some 28 countries . . . and continues to grow. "You might say we're really a 'quiet company,' but there's really a lot more going on than meets the eye!"

Consider Ontario Knife when in need of knives, machetes, edged products and specialty tools.