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Parker River Knives

Unlike some of the huge knife brands, which can come off as detached and impersonal, Parker River Knife Company excels at all the little things that make a knife feel like it's made with care and thought. Inspired by the knives carried by your grandfathers, Parker River knives feature designs that are timeless and classic. Each knife can be personalized with text engraved into the wood handle.

To top it all off, every Parker River knife comes with a penny taped to the box because it's an old tradition meant to bring good luck to the recipient. That's only something you can expect from a company that really cares about its products and customers.

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I gave the knife to my husband for an Anniversary gift...he loves it but wishes it had a clip and a pouch for carrying.

I just ordered this item from the direct manufacturer and was sooooo beyond diaaapointed with the packaging! I wish I had ordered it from here as you are always professional and items come boxes properly. Hoping it gets resolved but if not I will be returning the item and purchasing it from you like I should have in the first place! A not so loyal customer that regrets the hell out of it #knifedepotorbust

By Carol P.
Parker River 2-Blade Knife With Personalized Rosewood Handle

Gave this as a gift and it was warmly received. Beautiful knife

This was a Christmas gift for someone else. They loved it! The name engraved on it, was a beautiful touch!

I like the looks, but it needs two things, a carbon steel blade and an opening assist....imho

Got this knife for my husband and he loved it. Good quality and looked great.

My husband loves the knife I got him for Christmas. It arrived quickly. And is of good quality.

I cannot even begin to tell you how overjoyed and extremely satisfied I was with this beautiful personalized knife, as well as the beautiful personalized tin that I ordered with it with a very special poem I had wrote inscribed on the outside. I had sent a specialized request in my order form requesting to please please please try to have my order shipped to me by Christmas Day, despite having only placed my order on the 22nd of December, and the order form stating it would be impossible for my order to arrive by Christmas in the shipping options. It in fact arrived even earlier than Christmas Day, arriving at my doorstep before even Christmas EVE! I had ordered this very special knife and accompanying tin for the man I love for Christmas, and let me just say, he was MORE than excited and got very emotional upon opening this gift and seeing a tin with a beautiful sentimental poem I had wrote about our love for on another, and a personalized engraved red oak handle pocket knife with his very own name on it inside. He said he had never received such an awesome pocket knife before in his life and never even thought it was possible to have a personalized knife with his own name on it before then! He has loved his knife from day one and uses it every single day, being the carpenter and alpha male type of guy he is, and it never leaves his side and sits right on top of his nightstand beside his side of the bed. He also keeps the beautiful tin you guys engraved in a very special place next to his other cherished keepsakes, and uses it to store only his most favorite Nick knacks and such. Thank you guys again so very very much, and I am most certainly, eternally grateful for your outstanding customer service and promptness in satisfying the needs of your customer!

About Parker River Knife

Parker River Knives

The Parker River Knife story starts close to 100 years ago along the banks of the Parker River. My wife's great grandmother owned a restaurant and gift shop right on the water called Fernalds Auto Inn. After WWII, my wife's grandfather converted the restaurant location into a full service marina, Fernald's Marine. Just recently, after about 65 years as a Marina, the last of the Fernald brothers decided it was time to retire. Rather then let the family business tradition die, my wife and I decided it was time to write a new chapter in the family story.

Drawing on years of experience working along the Parker River, we've designed a line of knives that are as beautiful as they are functional. The river has taught us to respect and love nature. Our products are designed to last a lifetime and to be cherished as much as we love this little river.