2-Blade Pocket Knives

For those times when one blade just won't cut it, a knife with two blades is the only way to go. Our selection of 2-blade pocket knives gives you an array of options to help you instantly switch between a nuanced task like whittling and a more brute job like carving. We carry 2-blade pocket knives with countless combinations of blade types, such as pen blades, spey blades, drop point blades and more, so you can find the perfect match for your needs.

Our 2-blade pocket knives are great for everything, from camping trips to everyday use around the house.

Need help finding the best knife? Check out our best pocket knife guide or read up on everything you need to know about pocket knives to make your own informed decision. And thanks to our 60-day, money-back guarantee, you can buy your knife with confidence.

2-Blade Pocket Knives

It was a gift for someone who always carries a pocket knife but always her dad's, never her own. Now she has it and loves it. The brass ends and barrel wood were tightly crafted, and the blade was sharp enough to shave with out of the box (I, a man, tested it, not her). The action was a bit tight for a woman's delicate hands, so either it'll loosen up she'll toughen up, only time will tell. I would buy another knife from Knife Depot in a heart beat.

Bought this knife for my Dad he loves it he carries it all the time in his pocket lightweight easy to use.

The knife was what I expected it to be, I was very pleased with it. The service from the vendor was very good and he did exactly what he had promised, I'll use him again in the future.

This has been a good knife so far. I use it often and it has kept a fine edge. I like the fact that it is stamped Solingen Germany unlike so many of their other knives. It remains to be seen if it stands up to use as their older Solingen knives have.

This knife is okay or the price. Its a little too small for an every day carry.

This knife is a real beauty. When I took it out of the box it was even better looking than the picture on the Knife-Depot website. I'm really pleased. It's a great every day carry pocket knife.

My dad had a lot of experience with the manufacturer's knives. I was just as pleased with the knives as I thought I would be. The blades are extremely sharp. The balance is good and they are not bulky in your pocket. As claimed by the manufacturer, I think they will last a lifetime or more.

I bought this knife as a wedding gift for my husband. He wanted a light weight, dependable knife to carry every day. I had it personalized and it was beautifully done. He loved his gift and uses it daily. I was surprised how quickly the knife arrived after I ordered it. I will definitely use this site again.

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