Pull-Through Sharpeners

Pull-Through Sharpeners

Touch up your knife with one of our pull-through sharpeners, which straighten the microscopic teeth (burrs) along the knife to keep the blade in excellent condition without requiring much effort. With our pull-through sharpeners, you're able to set the precise angle of the blade to ensure a sharp and consistent edge every time. These manual sharpeners are perfect for kitchen knives, but also work well with pocket knives and other types.

Like every product we sell, our pull-through sharpeners are covered by a 60-day, money-back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.

By Ron P.
Benchmade 983902F Field Sharpener

This is a great tool for keeping your Benchmade knife sharp in the field. It specifically maintains the 30 degree edge used on these blades. While other draw through sharpeners may work their edge angle is unknown. The relative small size of the Benchmade sharpener is not a factor as little pressure is required for use and it is easier to carry in the field.

Are u kidding me .. I can purchase / buy this suckered for $ 4.99 at my local hardware store .. wow what a mark up !

Best blade sharpener I've ever used and I've gone thru a lot, could never find one good enough to keep around and this one will stay around for sure!!!!! Five stars all day long!!!

By Renee W.
Smith's 50264 Sharpener Adjustable Angle Pull-Thru Knife Sharpener, Gray/Yellow

This sharpener is exceptional. I have used it to sharpen dozens of knives. It puts a razor edge in every knife I own. From kitchen knives to hunting knives to general purpose pocket knives. This sharpener handles it all!

Works great!

This sharpener is good for basic kitchen knives, not good at all for my high end hunting knives.

The best sharpening tool I've ever had. Also small enough to be portable which I think is very valuable.

This is very effective and convenient tool for quickly putting very serviceable edge onto a blade.

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