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PUMA Knives

PUMA Knives claims to have the best knife blades in the world and we find the evidence pretty convincing. The 440C steel they use in their blades is extremely hard and extensively quality tested before being put on sale. PUMA is also known for their Thanks to that attention to detail, their hunting knives and pocket knives will truly last you for years.

Every single PUMA blade also comes with our amazing 60-day money-back guarantee so that you'll always get maximum satisfaction from your Knife Depot purchases.

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PUMA Knives Puma Pike
$189.99 $228.00
PUMA Knives Puma Jata 240 G W/Saw Folding Knife
$529.99 $636.00
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PUMA Knives Puma Nordmeer
$229.99 $276.00

Recent Reviews - PUMA Knives

Got it in a shop in South Africa while on safari. Never seen one in USA. My new favourite carry.

Knife fits my hand very good opens fast and has a good weight to it

By Mark N.
PUMA Knives Bowie, Plain Edge Stag Handle

Pleased with quality and engraving

By Bob P.
PUMA Knives Gelder SGB, Jacaranda Wood Handle, Clip/Spey Blades

For the price, I should give this knife a higher rating. It really is a decent pocket knife but I'm kinda picky about my blades. My first beef is...Why would you put the nail nick on the secondary blade behind the primary blade? Very difficult to open the back blade when you can't get to the nail nick. It should be on the other side. Second complaint is the brass shackle...it wasn't de-burred and was quite sharp. The blades were ground properly so even though the knife wasn't very sharp, it wasn't a big deal to bring it to a decent edge. The wood scales are nicely fitted to the brass bolsters and buffed up well. Overall, a good pocket knife that needs a little help...Give one a good home!

By Steven H.
PUMA Knives Puma Captain Zytel

I've owned a lot of knives in my lifetime Puma is the best knife I've ever owned it is so easy to sharpen because it stays Sharp longer it cuts like a razor it feels my every need that I have in a pocket knife it is the best night I've ever owned. no other knife can hold a candle to Puma I just wish I had more.

This knife was everything I was hoping it would be. Have several of these Puma Stag series knives as I feel the quality and craftsmanship is second to none. Susan, who I dealt with over the phone was more than helpful and informative and just a pleasure to deal with. I will order from them again and highly recommend them to anyone looking for any type of Culinary product!!

By Tom T.
PUMA Knives Puma IP Pal 240, Olive Fixed Blade Knife

Great knife

By Preston D.
PUMA Knives Trophy Care Set SGB - White Bone

I like this product very much, the quickness of delivery was amazing! Less than a week after ordering if I remember correctly. The quality and finish becomes immediately obvious on opening the package. The only drawback I could state is that the handles or grips were a bit on the small side, but that is no ones fault, and I think I will still be able to use these, if I can only kill a deer this year! LOL. Overall I am very pleased with Knife Depot and intend to continue to do business with them in the future.