Rapala Knives

Rapala Knives

In 1936, Lauri Rapala, a Finnish lumberjack who was pressed for time and short on cash, carved a decoy baitfish out of a piece of cork in order to make a reusable lure. The rest, as they say, is history. Since then, the Rapala company has preserved that initial impulse, offering affordable and efficient lures, tools, and fillet knives that make the lives of fishermen easier.

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Recent Reviews - Rapala Knives

By Joseph S.
Rapala Presentation Fillet 6" Brown Birch

Out of all the fillet knives I have had this is the best knife,it has the right stiffness and blade style,love the handle to,great feel to hand,great knife

By Tom T.
Rapala 6" Fish'n Fillet Knife w/ Sheath & Sharpener

Knife Finder has a good variety of knifes, the price was good, the service was excellent.

By Angelo B.
Rapala Birch & Salmon 7.5" Collector Fillet Knife

Better than I could ever image!

By Lawrence M.
Rapala Fish'n Fillet 4" Superflex Fillet Knife

A nice small sized fillet knife, easy to use and maintain control. The knife was very sharp when received and I only took a few swipes with my steel to get it razor sharp.

Great quality

Great quality

Very handy item to have.

About Rapala

Rapala Knives

There is a place in Finland where the waters of the Lake Pielinen swiftly flow over and around a field of boulders. It's called the Kalkkinen Rapids. The water is pure and the blue Scandinavian sky is fresh, perfumed by the scent of pine trees. Time seems to stand still here.

For centuries, the Finnish people came to these waters. To drink. To bathe. To fish. Even today, these waters are a source of life.

Every time you tie on a Rapala lure, or fillet a fish with a Rapala fillet knife, the Rapala story comes alive. And it's here, at these rapids that Lauri Rapala, the man who invented the Rapala lure in 1936, decided to continue the journey that would turn a family handicraft into one of the world's most memorable fishing lures of all time. From this point forward, fishing would never be the same. Rapala lures are now sold in 140 countries and are responsible for more world record fish than any other lure.