Sharpening Kits

Sharpening Kits

Our knife sharpening kits have all the tools you need to keep your knife in tip-top shape. These multi-tool sets feature sharpening stones in medium, fine, coarse or extra-coarse strengths, along with items like knife clamps and honing oil. Many of our sharpening kits come with lightweight custom-made carrying cases, giving you a convenient place to store your sharpening tools.  Why purchase a variety of sharpening tools separately when you can score a comprehensive set with one purchase?  

And remember, all of our sharpening kits, like every product we sell, are covered by a 60-day, money-back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence. 

I debated buying this or the Spyderco system. I read some reviews, and it seems that there isn't much difference between the two, except pretty much the price. This is easy to use, stows well, and is a drastic improvement, for me, over sharpening freehand with a stone or using or 'prefab' sharpening "V" tools. In particular, I was having trouble sharpening my higher-end blades (Elmax, SV35, etc.). The steel's so hard that the prefab tools were not doing the job, and freehand it's hard to control the grind angle precisely enough to get the kind of result I want. No more. Use the grey (medium) rods first, then the white (fine). GREAT edge. And doing it is easy as (and remarkably similar to, in motion) slicing bread. I sharpened about 30 folding knives in about two hours, without rushing (3 at a time: 3 on the grey rods, switch to white, 3 on the white rods, on to the next 3). There's also a triangular rod with three different angles for serrated knives. It made a massive difference on the bread knife in the kitchen. Wow. Only one niggle: the rods are stowed under the bottom of the unit, but there's no guard or door over them. Given that ceramic rods can break if dropped on a hard surface, I put a couple of rubber bands around the thing when I stow it. Highly recommended.

Worked wonders on my knives, and it is easy to use.

Works fine. Nothing fancy. Was able to take a grossly dull blade and get it decent fairly easily. The little plastic blade guide is just silly to me. Some may find it useful. I did not. Overall a decent kit for the money.

I like the Prada I wished it was a little longer than 6 inches more like 8 inches would be better for a bigger knife but it will get your knife sharp

I like the Prada I wished it was a little longer than 6 inches more like 8 inches would be better for a bigger knife but it will get your knife sharp

I have owned this type of Lansky sharpening system for many years. I recently ordered this one as a gift. I immediately noticed a difference between this kit and the one I have owned for almost 10 years. The clamp guide is different. First, the new clamp is made of cast aluminum, the old one is made from machined aluminum, therefore the new one will be a LOT more brittle. Second, the new clamp is not quite as tall. This causes difficulty when using the 17% and the 20% slot guides on some knives. Third, the very tip of the clamp guide is recessed and has little rubber grips glued into the tip of the guide, I find these rubber grips are prone to slipping during use. My first reaction was to contact Lansky. I do have to say there were a LOT of gripes on their website about the very same issue(s). Lansky did reply to me via email and explained that they seem to acknowledge the issue(s), and have a redesigned clamp guide coming out in Jan or Feb of 2016. The new clamp guide should be available for purchase on their web site soon, we will see if they are really going to address this issue.

I like the sharpener. Seems well made & easy to get right angle on each side of blade.

This is a great sharpening system. It's easy to use and does a great job. It's pretty much fool proof. A must have for novices and the more experienced.

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