Sharpening Rods

Buff up your blade to its maximum sharpness with our sharpening rod collection. We carry a wide variety of sharpening steel rods made of diamond, the hardest known sharpening material in the world. Our sharpening rods are specially-designed for a host of different knives and can even be used to sharpen those difficult serrated blades. They also come in numerous shapes and sizes and are easily transportable, so you can sharpen your knife on the go.

Every sharpening rod is backed by our money-back guarantee and responsive customer service, so you're confident you'll never lose your edge.

Sharpening Rods

Not as Coarse as I had hoped, but I still use it to get my knife in truth. If a primary sharpener is what you are looking for then I would advise a two sided stone off of this site.

Bought this to sharpen a hooked blade. It works real good.

I have used ceramic rod sharpeners before, but this one is one up on the others. I like the convenient place to store the rods in the wooden case, the dual positions to firstly, prep the edge and finally put the final edge on the blade. This is an excellent product for the man who sees the importance of a sharp blade in the outdoors. I am glad I purchased it.

We use this daily in our commercial kitchen. Great product

The diamond surface does an excellent job of renewing edge. Most of my knives are stainless coated hardened steel edges. I wasn't sure if the sharpener would be effective, but it is. I am very pleased.

It's a life saver we don't have any good steels in the shop/the diamond steel is a life saver/shop sprouts laguna niguel farmers markets loves it/meat dept.

By Bob G.
Lansky Sharpeners Professional Crock Stick Sharpener, 2 Medium/2 Fine Grit Rod

I have a very old version with one set of rods. I like the new model with 2 sets of rods with one being more aggressive and one for finishing.

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