Buck Knives Sharpening Rods

Buck Knives Sharpening Rods

My husband loves it. Gave to him as Christmas gift. It certainly gives a good sharp edge

I bought this item as a replacement for a lost one

Excellent product, I keep mine by the couch and put it to good use while I'm watching re-runs of Gunsmoke. Not the best for field carry, but great for sharpening blades before you leave home.

Excellent product, my only criticism is that it would be better if it were longer. If it were twice the current length it would be about perfect to carry with you, perhaps in a loop or pouch, right on the knife's sheath. That way you could carry it with you at all times and the rod would be available for sharpening the blade half-way through dressing a deer or elk or after a week of backpacking. While Victorinox does make a longer version of this steel, the longer version has a very large handle and blade guard, these tend to get in the way when carried ever day. And if you don't carry it with you every day, you won't have it with you when you need it.

Funky to say the Least. Actually I bought it just to get to Free Shipping. But it does do a pretty good job putting the edge on smaller knives.

By David T.
Dexter-Russell 3-Rod Ceramic Knife Sharpener, USA Made

Ive owned a Dexter Russell 3 Rod Ceramic sharpener for 30 years. Hands down the best knife sharpener money can buy.

This little steel really surprised me. It brought my blades right back to proper sharpness very quickly. Especially my swiss army knives, which have soft steel. SAK blades are very corrosion resistant but can dull out pretty fast under hard use. Their little sharpening steel realligns the edge and restores sharpness without honing, which removes steel from the blade everytime you do it. Remember, your steel should be at least the length of the blade you are working on, so this steel is perfect for most sensibly sized blades. I strongly recommend this little steel. Its small size make it very convenient to bring along with you on your treks.

I like my diamond steel very much. I put my stones away and only use my steel.

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