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By Tod S.
Sheffield Knives Standard Leather Tactical Sheath

Very high quality. Just like an original.

By Bill W.
Sheffield Knives George Ibberson Knife w/ Brass Handle

I loved the knives that I bought from the Knife Depot. They were rare and a great value. They arrived as specified in the shipping time frame, and are a prized part of my collection. I have my eye on a few more of these quality knives and plan to buy them soon. I anticipate doing quite a bit of business with the Knife Depot. On another note, the service was very friendly, and I felt like I was doing business with a neighbor merchant. Thanks for the friendly service.

By Frank W.
Sheffield Knives Ibberson Seaman's Knife

This was the knife I was looking for. Works great, it does what it was designed for. Thanks.

By Michael H.
Sheffield Knives All Black Commando Dagger with Sheath

Exact replacement for my knife in Afghanistan.

By Jerry L.
Sheffield Knives Fairbairn Sykes Commando Knife, Leather Leg Sheath

The item itself is exactly what I wanted, a double edge, narrow, long very sharp blade that I can use as a defense against dogs and, if necessary, people. The only problem I see with it is the scabbard that has an elastic tie for the upper end of the handle. The design is such that I cannot get the knife into the scabbard and elastic tie at the same time. Other wise it is a good buy.

By Michael D.
Sheffield Knives Fairbairn Sykes Commando Knife, Leather Leg Sheath

Owning this knife is like owning a piece of history. It should not be purchased by someone that wishes to use it as an tactical knife for two major reasons: 1) It follows the third pattern of the original knife and is "sterile" meaning there is no secondary bevel so it would require additional grinding for a sharp tactical edge. 2) It follows the original specifications and was designed for much smaller hands. It does have excellent balance and is an excellent example of British commando history. Great for collectors that cannot afford an original.

By Alex P.
Sheffield MFG Lockback Utility Knife, Aluminum and PVC Handle

I liked the handle on this item because it has a great grip on it .

By Richard M.
Sheffield Knives British Army Clasp Knife, 3 Blade w/Marlin Spike, Stainless