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Silky Ibuki 390 Extra Large Teeth Curved Saw
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The silky is incredibly sharp and stays sharp for years. The saw has a nice wide set so it never binds during pruning.

Bought it, use it, cut like a breeze. Excellent. I'm satisfied with the saw - Silky Gomboy 240. Thanks

By John L.
Silky Topgun 240 Large Teeth Folding Saw

One of our main saws for trail crew in NW Colorado. This saw is all of that.

Love this small, efficient saw. Great for camping or work around the yard. Got my original about ten years ago but misplace it or loaned it out. Very glad to be able to replace it with one from your store. Excellent quality tool.

By Tom W.
Silky Gomboy 270 Medium Teeth Folding Saw

I have about a dozen old saws in my garage but never have I had a saw that I like as well as my new Silky Gumboy 270. The easy grip handle and super sharp blade made short work of the 3 Crepe Myrle's I cut back to about 4 feet tall the other day. It would have taken me 5 times as long as it did to do the job with one of my old saws. I am so happy I found it on sale on the internet. Nice blade protector for it too. Thanks.

Ergonomic handle great fit and finish and fast cutting bottom line pricey but worth it.

I like my saw a lot. It is so compact and yet so sturdy and sharp. I love the folding feature. It makes it so safe for carrying. A friend had one, the same saw, and after I saw it, I knew that I needed one.

By Nick W.
Silky Gomtaro 300 Fine Teeth Straight Saw

The Gomtaro 300 fine tooth is a very easy-pulling, smooth-cutting, non-tiring handsaw (feels more like slicing wood than sawing it). And while it is not particularly fast through pulpy green woods (compared to cheaper large tooth saws) it is one of the fastest handsaws through hard dead woods (I've cut 3" dia. dry oak in 32 strokes--about 16 seconds). Easy pull also means less branch flex, and blade pinch. You have to learn which direction to cut small branches so that they don't chatter (vibrate with the cut) but that would be true of any fine tooth saw. Overall, the cut quality is superb and the included scabbard is first rate. The blade profile is very good, though I could have used a bit more length.

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Silky saws are manufactured in Ono Japan, home of the finest cutlery steel known to man. Crafting fine wood cutting saws since the early 1900’s, Silky continues to raise the bar for quality, endurance and cutting efficiency that none can match. Leading the industry in both design and innovation, saw users are changing their language in all parts of the world from merely asking for a saw, to asking for a Silky.