Silver Stag Knives

Silver Stag Knives

The knives crafted by the Silver Stag team are some of the best in the world, thanks to a level of diligence and care that is hard to find these days. Every single one of their knives has been touched by human hands at every step of the manufacturing process: each has been hollow-ground, assembled, shaped, polished and sharpened by a skilled craftsman. In addition, all of the materials used, from the high carbon steel to the antler in the handles, comes from the United States.

Top-quality knives deserve top-quality assurance, and you won't find any promise more airtight than our 60-day money-back guarantee.

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Silver Stag Guide Combo Pack
$199.95 $232.28
Free Shipping
Silver Stag Small Gamer Fixed Blade Knife
$82.77 $88.74
Free Shipping
Silver Stag Drop Nose Fixed Blade Knife
$119.97 $134.68
Free Shipping
Silver Stag Cascade Hunter Knife
$110.67 $122.98
Free Shipping
Silver Stag Drop Neck Fixed Blade
$106.95 $118.00
Free Shipping
Silver Stag Sharp Forest Point Series
$92.07 $107.36
Free Shipping
Silver Stag Mountain Edge Fixed Blade Knife
$138.57 $154.20
Free Shipping
Silver Stag Deer Skinner
$106.95 $115.16
Free Shipping
Silver Stag Carver Knfe Set
$212.97 $271.32
Free Shipping
Silver Stag Bullnose Crown
$119.75 $140.54
Free Shipping
Silver Stag Big Gamer Elk Series Gut Hook Knife
$116.25 $132.74
Free Shipping
Silver Stag Bullnose Elk Stick
$116.25 $134.68
Free Shipping
Silver Stag Frontier Fighter
$184.14 $204.96
Free Shipping
Silver Stag Schnoor Hunter
$115.32 $130.78
Free Shipping

Recent Reviews - Silver Stag Knives

Very nice workmanship, and very sharp! One of my favorites.

Very nice item, would purchase from Knife Depot again.

I very much like the Silver Stag (D2) Knife Brand ... Will buy More for Sure ...!!!

Beautiful knife with crown handle. Very sharp. Looks great in my collection.

I love the knife. .little bit pricey but it is worth it

The Silver Stag Big Bowie is a beautiful knife. As a collector, I know a quality knife when I see one. I only have one issue with this knife. The metal snap on the side of the sheath scratches the blade when removing or inserting the knife. The scratches were on the knife when I received it. A knife of this quality should have a sheath that totally protects the blade...

This is a beautiful knife and despite the reviews I read prior to buying it, the handle of this knife fits my hand well. My only complaint is that the sheath is very flimsy for a knife of this size. Shipped really fast, Knife Depot rocks!

Forget that it is beautiful. It differently is.. Great edge! Perfect for most any use. I carry it deer hunting in the swamps of the Savanna river. It is light, great edge & a good sized handle that is great for cutting coup d'grace.. Keep it clean & oiled. Much better edge than stainless steel. .