Skinning Knives

With a top-quality skinning knife at your side you have the perfect tool for the next big hunt. The huge selection at Knife Depot ensures you'll quickly find the blade you need for your next adventure without having to shop at any other sites. We carry every style of skinner knife imaginable, including gut hooks, fixed-blade, folding knives, and classic skinners.

Since each knife is backed by our 60-day money-back guarantee, you're assured of getting the high-quality skinning knife you expect. We care so much about you finding the perfect knife, we even created a whole guide around the best hunting knives. When it’s time to buy a skinning knife, we offer the convenience, selection, and affordable prices you deserve.

Skinning Knives

Very nice knife, do not know if I want to use it in the field or put it on the mantel.

Love mine, I have carpal tunnel makes skinning and gutting a lot easier.

First off, it's American made. It's the perfect size. The tip of the blade easily pierces hide so that the shape of the blade lifts the hide up off of the meat and simply slices through. Especially on the legs of deer. It really helps in preventing hair from getting on the meat as it peels the hide away. This knife is already super sharp from the manufacturer, so it won't take long with a good fine Arkansas Stone to make it deadly sharp. It holds a great edge, you can skin a deer and the high carbon stainless steel will still be sharp enough to work up the meat or skin another deer. The handle is very comfortable in the hand which is great if you have carpal tunnel. The leather sheath is made of real superior leather, and thick leather too. Not the thin cheap stuff. This is a well built knife and sheath that will last beyond a lifetime at great price. I'm more than satisfied and you will be too. Happy hunting!

By Leonard S.
Remington 3 Piece Skinner Set for Big Game

Who ever wrote the bad review is a rookie, put these on a stone and this will be all you need to skin deer, hog, anything, and the price is great. I own them and use them, very good edge once you sharpen. Edge holds through out complete deer butchering, complete. Too many people on the internet that think they know what they are talking about.

The knife is of a good quality. The delivery was fast and I received it in good condition.

I have not yet used the knife but I like the feel and it will take and hold an edge, it should be an excellent skinning knife. 73 yrs and still looking for the ultimate knife for dressing game. I don't care about the fancy handles. I just want one that does the job year after year.

This is a very useful item. The blades easily change out once you figure out the locking mechanism. Great blades! Very solid when locked in the handle, handle feels great in the hand. The sheath is not practical for belt carry. Strap it to a pack.

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