Skinning Knives

Skinning Knives

With a top-quality skinning knife at your side you have the perfect tool for the next big hunt. The huge selection at Knife Depot ensures you'll quickly find the blade you need for your next adventure without having to shop at any other sites. We carry every style of skinner knife imaginable, including gut hooks, fixed-blade, folding knives, and classic skinners.

Since each knife is backed by our 60-day money-back guarantee, you're assured of getting the high-quality skinning knife you expect. We care so much about you finding the perfect knife, we even created a whole guide around the best hunting knives. When it’s time to buy a skinning knife, we offer the convenience, selection, and affordable prices you deserve.

Well made and handles well. Quality and functional.

Ordered this knife for my father in law, and almost kept it for myself. Beautiful work.

I was very happy with my new knife and with the service from Knife Depot. thank you.

I have one and it has performed perfectly. This knife gets the job done quick and really holds an edge. I just want a clear answer on the type of stainless you guys are using because I have very minor but obvious corrosion. I work in a metallurgical lab so I will know what it is if you tell me. I could EDS the piece but I just want to know what coating or oil I can use to make it not oxidize by just sitting after I buff it.

My hand slid several times because of blood and slippery handle. Blade did a great job and knife did exactly what it designed to do but you may want design for no slip.

This is a stunning knife to view in person. The handle is beautiful, the blade is deceptively wide, and the steel is mesmerizing. Came well oiled and on time. I bought six different Damascus steel knives last week as gifts. Five, including this one, were all the same manufacturers. They're all beautiful but this is my favorite. 5/5

Absolutely the best knife you will ever own. Perfect weight, width, and durable.

Always loved that Damascus style of blade. Beautiful looking knife and the bone handle took it over the top. Could have been a little sharper I thought so my neighbor sharpens knives on the side, now it shaves my arm hairs.

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